Wood Soaking Tub Provides a Great Bathing Option

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Wood Soaking Tub – The Ultimate Bathing Indulgence For Your Home or Outdoor Space

wood soaking tub

Soaking tubs are increasingly popular in homes around the country. While some designs are simply larger versions of typical bathtubs, there is another option worth considering— a wood soaking tub. Not only are wood soaking tubs stylish, they are available in a variety of sizes designed for use both indoors and outdoors.

What is a Wood Soaking Tub?

Wood soaking tubs were the precursors of today’s spas. Originally, hot tubs were simply large wooden wine casks cut in half. Users developed a wide range of options to add, heat, and drain water. Eventually, the wood was replaced by molded shells that were easy to manufacture and maintain. However, the original wood tubs had merits that transcend the newer designs.

How is Wood Superior to Molded Shells?

Wood soaking tubs were designed to be virtually leak proof. By its very nature, wood expands when wet, meaning the joints swell, making it virtually impossible for leaks to occur. That’s why the original oak wine vats worked so well. They were constructed using time-tested barrel-making skills and tended to last for years with minimal care.

The other advantage wood has over molded shells is its good looks. Wood grains are esthetically pleasing, with many of the woods used today having rich, golden tones that exude warmth in virtually any environment.

Do Wood Soaking Tubs Work Well Outdoors?

Of course! In fact, many people prefer to use outdoor wood soaking tubs rather than newer spa models. Not only are they tremendous additions to an outdoor living space, they are easy to use and maintain. Wood-fired soaking tubs are still commonly available, but there are other options for heating the water used.

What Sizes of Wood Soaking Tubs Are Available?

While a small soaking tub may be perfectly adequate, a two person soaking tub is a common option selected. A small tub is not really large enough for a couple to use, but is certainly comfortable for a single user.

Custom sizes are also offered by some manufacturers, so it pays to explore all the options available prior to making a selection. With larger sizes, compare the features and ease of use of wood soaking tubs with their spa brethren. While contemporary spas offer some great features, they don’t provide the ambiance offered by cedar hot tubs.

Does Using a Wood Soaking Tub Present Any Safety Issues?

Not really. While it always makes sense to take reasonable precautions when using any type of tub, wood soaking tubs don’t present any significant dangers to users who use the same precautions they’d expect to use in a normal bathtub.

Which Wood Soaking Tubs Present the Best Value for Consumers?

Like any other purchase, selecting a soaking tub is somewhat subjective. With that being said, there are three specific soaking tubs everyone should consider, described below. None of these offerings should present any significant installation issues, as standard plumbing is used.

The ALFI AB1105 Free-Standing Cedar Wood Tub

This wood soaking tub model is a great option. The model is touted as a choice for log homes, but it would fit well in a variety of settings. At 63” long, the tub is large enough to satisfy even larger individuals. This model works well as a substitute for a traditional bathtub and is designed to accommodate a standard drain line. The tub has a wonderful sculpted look that is very appealing and is fitted with metal trim to enhance the tub’s looks. This model would provide great value in addition to comfort.


The ALFI AB 1136 Free-Standing Cedar Wood Tub

This one is slightly smaller at 61” than its sibling the AB1105 but is still large enough for users to enjoy a wonderful soaking experience. However, this model is comes already equipped with chrome tub filler and hand-held shower head in addition to the chrome drain. It also features a padded headrest to make those long soaks even more enjoyable. The style is somewhat different than the AB1105, meaning anyone shopping for a sitting tub may want to compare the two models prior to selecting one, but the features and price make this model a great choice.


Ofuro Japanese hot tub – 2 person wooden tub

Another great option, especially when a couple plans on enjoying a soak together. An ofuro is simply a very deep hot soaking bathtub traditionally made of Hinoki wood. In addition to being an ideal wood for soaking tub construction, the Hinoki wood has a lemon and ginger scent that’s very pleasing. While different models are available, the normal depth is 22”, which is far deeper than a standard bathtub. The ability to customize these tubs may be important to some buyers and should be a factor to consider when making a buying decision.


How is the Water Heated?

There are several options for heating the water depending on where the wood soaking tub is being used and the preferences of the users. Planning ahead can eliminate any hot water supply issues, so carefully consider the options and which ones would provide the optimal experience for the specific environment.

Traditional water heaters can be used as the source of hot water when the soaking tubs are being installed where access is relatively simple.

Wood-fired heaters are available and are commonly used when the soaking tub will be used outdoors.

Gas or Electric heaters designed specifically for soaking tubs are also available. Here, the focus should be on which heat source provides the easiest installation and offers low cost of use.

It always pays to discuss the potential sources with the suppliers to make sure the installation will offer the greatest comfort at the lowest price.

How Much Do Wood Soaking Tubs Cost?

Obviously, there are different price points for a 1 or 2 person soaking tub depending on the style and manufacturer. The wood soaking tub prices for the ALFI models discussed above, for example, are commonly available in the $1500.00 price range, which is very competitive with tubs manufactured using other materials.

Of course, anyone shopping for a wood soaking tub should look for a wood soaking tubs sale, which will certainly occur from time to time. However, there are mainstream suppliers offering great prices every day for those who can’t wait to install their new tub.

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