LifeSmart 4 Person Plug And Play Spa Reviews

A spa can provide relaxation and enjoyment to any setting. Choosing a spa to fit your needs is made simple when there you have access to the right information, which is what this post is all about! Hot tubs are certainly wonderful additions to help you unwind or entertain guests. Making an educated decision will make this purchase a positive experience for years to come.

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There are various options available to suit your specific desires. For example, LifeSmart spas have variations that include the Simplicity, Celestial and Genesis Sandstone hot tubs.

Some key aspects to consider when purchasing a spa are the ease of installation, the amount of use, the energy cost, maintenance and affordability. The spa quality and consumer reviews can also be deciding factors. This information can be useful when contemplating a ‘luxury’ purchase of this sort.

LifeSmart Simplicity 4 Person Spa

Hot tubs have the ability to accommodate a specific number of people based on your choice. LifeSmart Simplicity spas will comfortably hold up to 4 adults at one time. This spa is ready to use upon arrival. You simply fill and plug the tub in and it’s ready for use. The rock solid sandstone that it’s constructed from makes it practically indestructible. The 12 high-powered jets and digital topside control make it relaxing and easy to operate.

LifeSmart 4 Person Plug And Play Spa Reviews

This spa is energy efficient and meets the California Energy Mandate which is very strict. The exterior, insulation and spa cover provides an efficient way to keep this product remaining like-new. There is very little maintenance required.

In summary, the LifeSmart Simplicity 4 person spa is a reasonably priced hot tub with quality features. According to LifeSmart 4 person plug and play spa reviews, consumers reported that this product has an excellent price, easy installation and the water heated at a quick rate. Negative features included the difficulty of installing the cover; the power cord requires exposure based on the location of the access door to the interior equipment.

In point form, here are the main features of the Simplicity Spa:

  • Capacity up to 4 adults
  • Digital topside controls
  • 12 high powered jets
  • Indestructible exterior
  • Water heats within 24 hours

LifeSmart Simplicity Reviews

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LifeSmart Celestial 4 Person Spa

A standard 12 volt spa light with coloured lenses makes this spa appealing to the eye, adding to the user enjoyment. A dedicated 110 volt circuit provides an energy efficient appliance. An insulated uni-body exterior provides a seamless tub that helps to keep energy costs low. Accompanied by an insulated hard cover this spa can be protected from the various elements.

Like the previous spa, the LifeSmart Celestial 4 person spa is another plug and play option for hot tubs. Accommodating 4 people at a time, this quality spa is also energy efficient, holding up to 190 gallons of water at a time.

A quality product at an affordable cost makes this another prime choice for an addition to one’s personal space. Although installation is easy an extension cord may be required depending on where the unit will be positioned. The highest temperature for this spa is 104F and cannot be increased if desired. Entry and exit steps can be ordered separately if needed but are not included with the purchase of the spa.

Here is a summary of the main Celestial spa features:

    • 4 person capacity
    • 190 gallon capacity
    • Sandstone uni-body
    • 12′ power cord
    • Hard insulated cover included

LifeSmart Genesis Sandstone 4 Person Spa

Another quality hot tub is the LifeSmart Genesis Sandstone 4 Person Spa. Seating 4 adults, this graciously priced hot tub is a great addition to create a relaxing setting. Insulated plumbing and a dedicated electrical circuit provides an energy efficient product. Simple installation makes this spa easy and fast to enjoy.

Holding 190 gallons of water allows the owner to fill and plug the unit to an outlet. Included with this spa is an insulated, locking 2 inch thick cover that offers effective protection from outside elements. The top load filter and controls allows easy access for operation of the unit.

This spa model includes steps which make it safe and simple to enter and exit. The 1.3 hp pump provides an ample amount of pressure for the 12 jets to create a relaxing environment. The affordability and quality of this spa make it a luxury worth purchasing. Consumers noted the ease of re-locating this product if necessary. Temperatures cannot be customized beyond a certain degree. Although installation is simple servicing this unit may be an added cost if this is required in the future.

Summary of the Genesis Spa’s main features:

    • 4 adult capacity
    • Top loading filter
    • 1.3 hp pump
    • Insulated plumbing
    • Highly energy efficient

Our Conclusions

The three options discussed here are all good quality, meaning that you can’t go wrong with any of them. As the positives outweigh the negatives purchasing one of these products would be a wise investment. Covered by a warranty these 3 spas have a guarantee to deliver a high level of satisfaction. The fun and excitement of owning a spa has never been simpler!

Purchasing a spa can be a rewarding experience. Becoming informed and considering 4 person hot tub reviews can help to make an educated decision when buying a spa. The simplicity and energy efficiency aspects make hot tubs an appealing appliance to own. The ability to choose options such as steps and covers can provide a safe environment for the product during use and storage.

LifeSmart 4 Person Plug and Play Spa Price Comparison

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