Swimming Pool Safety Nets – Protect Your Family & Children

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Swimming Pool Safety Nets Are An Excellent Investment To Help Prevent Pool Accidents

A pool is a wonderful addition to any back yard but it also comes with some serious concerns. Authorized access to a pool can result in a drowning death or serious injury on anyone entering the pool area that is unable to swim. It is an obligation of a homeowner to keep a pool safe and prohibit children or pets from becoming victims of a swimming pool accident. Spending a relatively small amount of time and money to investigate and purchase one of the quality swimming pool safety nets that are available is well worthwhile.

swimming pool safety nets


The use of swimming pool safety nets can eliminate these types of serious accidents from occurring. Safety is the predominant feature of these types of nets. Drowning accidents of young children cannot happen when a pool safety net is properly installed and secured. In this article we take a look at Water Warden pool nets to help you make the right choice when it comes to swimming pool safety nets.

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Water Warden WWN1836 Pool Safety Net for Pools Up to 18 by 36-Feet and 15 by 30-Feet: Main Features

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  • This is a DIY system for all in-ground pools. There is a tensioning device so the cover stays in place and remains securely in place.
  • The netting is UV stabilized to minimize deterioration. netting.
  • Five-year manufacturer warranty on the water warden pool safety net.
  • Unique UV treated bracket system to ensure a longer life.
  • This type of pool net is affordable and easy to install on any pool.
  • This pool cover is light weight and is much easier to take on and off than some other models.
  • There’s no need for an owner to continually pump water off the top of the cover because the pool net cover lets the water drain straight through.
  • Pool nets last much longer than a solid vinyl cover.
  • Children cannot remove the cover which eliminates the possibility of an accidental drowning.
  • The pool net is convenient for a homeowner that does not want to spend a lot of team cleaning leaves or water from the protective cover.
  • A reel is included for easy removal and storage of the net.
  • The net can be custom installed by highly trained technicians if necessary.
  • If the homeowner is a DIY person, they can save money by purchasing an installation kit. It is the first and only pool net in the industry that can be installed by homeowner.
  • The anchors for the net are very simple to install.
  • The safety net can be removed easily on a daily basis and returned to its safety position when swimming in the pool has ended.
  • A pool net permits an unimpeded view of the area around the pool as well as the pool itself.

Main Disadvantages

Even though this type of pool safety cover has so many wonderful and terrific features, it does have a few cons. They can include:

  • If the water level in the pool becomes too full, the leaves and debris will stick to the pool net.
  • Heavy rains mean the pool will have to pump through the regular filtering system.
  • If the water level becomes very high, the dirt and debris will not fly away with the wind and instead will be in the homeowner’s pool.
  • The homeowner may have algae develop in the pool over the winter. This will require additional work in the spring to have a clean pool.

Swimming Pool Safety Nets – Our Conclusions

A pool net is very convenient for homeowners that want to keep their pool safe with a limited amount of work. Although a mesh cover offers so many features for convenience, there can be several downfalls with algae and cleaning. The most important part of a pool cover is the safety it can offer year round in protecting a homeowner from an accidental drowning of a child, pet or anyone else who is unable to swim. A safety net does not eliminate a homeowner from having the pool area fenced in. The net allows another layer of protection that a fence could be lacking due to sliding glass or French doors leading to a pool area.

A pool is a wonderful opportunity for exercise, fun and quality family fun to be enjoyed by anyone within the pool area. When the pool is not in use, safety should always be the key concern to any homeowner. A small child can drown in a pool in as little time as it takes to answer a phone call. The risk for accidental drowning in a pool is worth adding another layer of peace of mind, safety and security for an owner by investing in one of the quality swimming pool safety nets.

Water Warden Pool Safety Net Price:

The use of swimming pool safety nets make sense for any homeowner today. One second of time can result in an eternity of something harmful would happen to a child from an unprotected pool. The affordability and ease of installation for these nets leaves little room for excuses not to purchase one.

Overall, we think that Water Warden swimming pool safety nets offer good protection and value for money – Check it out by clicking the link below!

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