8 Spa Accessories That Are A Must for Any Spa Owner!

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Eight Spa Accessories You Must Get!

Spa Accessories

Spa Accessories 

There’s nothing better than relaxing in a spa with your family or friends, letting your cares drift away into the fresh air. Once you have got your own spa or hot tub, you start to realize that you are ready to go to the next level and get a few handy spa bath accessories to improve the experience even further.

The good news is that there are plenty of spa accessories to choose from. Here are seven great ideas to help you get underway!

1. Spa Steps

Getting in and out of a home spa or hot tub can be an awkward business at the best of times, so for safety, convenience and style, a set of spa steps is an absolute must. Without them, you run the risk of a painful and embarrassing slip which could even end in serious injury.

But what exactly are the best type of hot tub steps to get?

The main features you need to consider are: step height and width, over all height of the spa steps, step stability, type and quality of materials and surface finish.


Step height and width

The minimum width for a step should be 10 inches, or ~25cm. It is based on the average length of a human foot, so that you have a comfortable and safe space on which to step. This is known as the ‘tread size’.

The maximum height of a step is about 8 inches, or ~20cm. This is known as the ‘riser height’.

Most freestanding spas and hot tubs have a height of between 30 inches and 38 inches. This means that you will need a set of spa steps with 2 or 3 individual steps. In most cases, 2 steps will be fine. Two steps will take you half way up an average height spa, and the rest is easy!

Step stability

A good width for a set of hot tub stairs is about 36 inches. If you have 2 steps, the base will then measure at least 36” by 20”, providing plenty of stability.

Spa step materials

Although it is possible to buy timber spa steps, they will require some maintenance to keep the wood from rotting and to keep them looking good. These days a hard, durable plastic or resin is a good option, as all you need to do is give them an occasional clean with soap and water. Make sure the steps are UV resistant so that they maintain their appearance and integrity.

How much do spa steps cost?

A set of simple spa steps will cost you only $60 – $100.  Hot tub steps with storage are in the $130 – $200 range. Not a bad price to pay for a bit of safety, convenience and security.

2. Spa steps with storage

If you want something a little bit extra with your spa steps, then hot tub steps with storage can be useful. Most of the models have a single storage compartment under the top step. The dimensions of the compartment will be about 30” long by 14” high by 7” wide. Great for putting all your spa-related bits and pieces in the one central location, and it also makes sense to make use of space that would otherwise be wasted.


3. Hot tub steps with handrail / Spa handrail

For an extra bit of personal safety, why not try hot tub steps with a handrail?

A spa handrail is a good choice if you want to make getting into and out of your tub much easier, but don’t want to use steps because space is limited.

The two main types are a ‘stand-alone’ hot tub handrail that is attached to the floor, or one that is attached to the actual spa itself. In both cases, you will need to ensure that the attachment points are sufficiently strong and solid to cope with being drilled into to fit the mounting screws or bolts.

You will pay more for a spa steps with handrail because of the extra engineering and materials used. Around the $500 mark is a typical price.

Alternatively, you can buy a standard set of steps and attach a separate hot tub handrail right next to them, either to the floor or the side of your home spa. Some people choose a separate spa side handrail because it is overall a bit cheaper than a buying a complete unit, or they feel they can do without the step component entirely.

How much does a spa hand rail cost?

A spa handrail will cost anything from ~$100 to around $320. The more expensive ones tend to have a higher quality finish and appearance, and are typically made of strong stainless steel.

Below are a couple of options for you to have a look at:



4. Spa Seat

(Intex Spa Seat, Intex Pure Spa Seat)

While sitting in a hot spa is great, treating yourself to a special spa seat is even better. They are great for that added comfort, and to stop yourself from sliding down into your hot tub. Spa seats usually come in the form of a plastic seat or as a spa seat booster cushion.

How much does a spa seat cost?

Most spa seats are in the $20 – $50 price range. This is very reasonable for what they can add to your spa experience.


5. Spa Towels

If you are into a bit of luxury, then a beautiful spa towel is an absolute must. After all, who wants step out of a spa after a relaxing soak, and start drying themselves with a cheap, coarse-fibered towel? A spa session is a total experience, and all your accessories should say as much.

How much are spa towels?

You can buy a set of 4 luxury spa wrap towels for around $30 – $40, or only $10 each. No one could complain about that!


6. Spa Robes

Another essential part of the home spa experience is a luxury spa robe. Just imagine the feel of that soft, luxurious cotton against your skin and you will be hooked on the whole idea!

Luxury spa robes are readily available in just about all possible sizes. Women’s robes, men’s robes and unisex robes – whatever takes your fancy. Price range is $20 to around $100. A good quality spa bath robe will usually be made of soft microfiber, occasionally with a terry towel lining.


7. Spa Bathtub Pillow

(Spa bath pillow, spa pillow, hot tub pillows, bath pillow, bathtub pillow)

A spa bath pillow, like a spa seat, is a fantastic way to give yourself an extra level of comfort. You can get bath pillows to sit on, pillows to lie against, or a combination of the two. Below is a small sample of the hot tub pillows that are available:


8. Spa Towel Rack (aka Hot Tub Towel Rack)

These go by a variety of names, including Outdoor Spa Towel Racks or outdoor pool towel racks.

Towel Tree

If you don’t have a wall or other solid surface for a standard towel rack, then a towel tree can be a really handy place to hang a few towels within a relatively small space.

They are usually made of smart-looking aluminum or durable plastic, and can have either horizontal or angled ‘arms’ over which to drape your towels. You can also get PVC pool towel racks.

Towel trees are perfect for a poolside setting. You can move them around to follow the sun, to take them out of harm’s way or just to store them when not needed.

Cost of a towel tree: most towel trees are in the $40 – $80 price range, representing great value for money.


Pool Towel Rack

If you are looking for something a bit more traditional, yet still functional and stylish, an outdoor pool towel rack is definitely worth considering. For example, the  TowelMaid 5 Bar Freestanding Outdoor Poolside Towel Rack can easily handle 5 towels and has really good customer reviews. It costs ~$160 and is made of furniture-grade PVC. Dimensions are: W-37″ H-50″ D-23.5″

More Spa Accessory Options

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