Eight Benefits of Solar Pool Heaters Above Ground Pools

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Solar Pool Heaters Above Ground Pools – Cut Your Costs Using Natural Energy

Many homeowners have an above ground pool in their yard. It is a great way to enjoy time with family and friends on a hot day. When a homeowner purchases an above ground pool, there are several accessories that they need to purchase as well. A filter, skimmer, floor vacuum, and a chemical treatment kit are necessary to keep the pool functioning properly. One very important accessory that every pool owner should have is a solar heater above ground pool. There are at least 8 benefits of having a heater for a pool.

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1. More Time in the Pool

The optimal time to use a pool is from the end of May through the end of August. If the pool is open at any other times during the year, the water will be too cold to enjoy. When homeowners purchase solar pool heaters above ground pools, they can keep their pools open longer, giving them more time to enjoy it. A solar heater will allow homeowners to open their pools a month or two early and they can keep it open a month or two later.

2. More Time With the Family

Children will almost always get in the pool and play, regardless of the temperature of the water. It is not the same with parents. It is not uncommon for parents to sit on the side of the pool, watching the children, because the water is too cold to get in. When parents purchase a best solar heater above ground pool, the water will always be warm enough for them to get in the pool with their children. This can give the family more quality time together, rather than the parents simply being bystanders.

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3. Solar Equipment is Durable

Gas or electric pool heaters last between 5 and 7 years. Most companies will offer a two year warranty on the parts. After the heater ceases to function, the homeowner would need to purchase a new heater. Purchasing a new heater every 5 to 7 years can get expensive. Most solar pool heaters above ground pools can last up to 27 years, and most have a full 12 year warranty. This will save the homeowner a great deal of money in the long run.

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4. Low Maintenance

Gas and electric pool heaters need to be maintained often in order to keep them functioning properly. Most best solar heater above ground pools require little to no maintenance at all. This can save the homeowner the money that it would cost to have the heater maintained as well as the hassle of having someone come in to handle the maintenance.

5. Solar Energy is Great for the Environment

Solar energy is much better for the environment than gas or electric heaters, which create carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxides emissions. Solar energy is clean, reliable, and renewable, and does not rely on fossil fuels. When a homeowner uses solar energy, they can stop three to 10 tons of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere, each swimming season.

6. Saves Energy

When a homeowner purchases a gas or electric pool heater, they should expect to spend a great deal more money on their energy costs. This is especially true during the cooler times of the year that they keep the pool open. When a homeowner purchases a solar power heater, the heater will use the sun’s energy for power. Over time, the solar powered heater will pay for itself in the energy costs that they would be saving.

7. Solar Heaters are Quiet

If a homeowner has a gas or electric powered heater for their pool, they should expect to hear the motor running. This can make it difficult to relax and enjoy some quiet time by the pool. This is not true with solar powered above ground pool heaters. These heaters are completely silent, so there is no loud hum disturbing you while you are trying to relax in the pool.

8. Convenience

In order to save money and help the environment, many homeowners purchase a solar powered pool cover to warm the pool. While these covers do work, as soon as the cover is taken off the pool so that it can be used, all of the heat will escape from the pool, and it will be cold again. This will cut the swimming time very short if the family wants to swim on a cold day. For homeowners who want to keep the pool warm all the time and still save on high energy costs, solar powered pool heaters above ground pools are the way to go.

Solar Pool Heaters Above Ground Pools – Conclusions:

solar pool heaters above ground pools

When your purchase an above ground pool, you should also purchase all of the necessary accessories, including a heater. The above ground pool heater with the most benefits is a solar powered pool heater. Not only will you be able to swim more months out of the year, you will also be saving yourself a great deal of money and hassle, as well as helping to protect the environment!

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