Why You Should Skip Fresh Water and Choose a Salt Water Hot Tub

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Why You Should Skip Fresh Water and Choose a Salt Water Hot Tub

You may not have heard of salt water hot tubs before, but they come with a lot of amazing health benefits. Take a look at this guide to learn why you should skip a fresh water hot tub and choose a salt water hot tub instead.

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Today, when choosing a hot tub, you have to consider whether you want an indoor or outdoor model. You also have to consider the type of controls you’d like as well as the size and shape of your tub.

But, that’s not all! You can also choose how you treat the water you put in your hot tub. Some manufacturers design their tubs like heated swimming pools. This means they use chlorine and other chemicals to keep them clean. Others offer saltwater treatment alternatives.

Here’s why you should consider skipping the fresh water and choosing a salt water hot tub treatment system for your home.

What is a Salt Water Treatment System?

A saltwater pool uses a generator or ‘cell’ to break added sodium chloride, or common salt, into sodium and chlorine ions. The process by which this occurs is known as ‘electrolysis’.

The dissolved salt acts as a disinfectant in the water, helping to keep you healthy and safe.

In comparison, a chlorine treatment system involves adding hypochlorite, which is another form of chlorine, as a disinfectant.

Water That Won’t Irritate Your Skin

Many find that the chemicals in fresh water tubs irritate their skin. This is especially true with chloramine, which can be a byproduct of the interaction between chlorine, ammonia, and other substances.

If you or your loved ones have sensitives to chlorine and its byproducts, a salt water hot tub is a perfect alternative. These don’t need added chemicals to stay clean. They stay free from microorganisms without the use of harsh chemicals.

Increase in Buoyancy

Adding salt to water increases its density. As the salt dissolves in the water, the mass of the water increases. Because the salt water is denser, there is an increase in buoyancy.

What’s the benefit, you ask?

Many find an increase in buoyancy more relaxing. Not only this, salt water sanitation systems feel softer and more gentle on the skin.

Soft and Gentle Water

Salt water is softer. Like a mineral bath, it isn’t as tough on the skin. Not only this, these types of hot tubs mimic water in the sea with about 10 times less salt. With this in mind, your skin won’t dry out like it would when you’re at the beach. And you won’t even be able to taste the salt in the water, nor will it leave any salty residue on your skin.

The perfect amount of salt in your hot tub will soften your skin. It will also help you avoid any irritability while refreshing your complexion.

You may even find that it helps clear up any skin problems such as acne or forms of itchiness.

Easy Maintenance

Fresh water hot tubs need regular maintenance because of all the chemicals in them. You have to test and track the pH balance. You also have to make sure that there is the right balance of other chemicals like chlorine.

With a salt water hot tub, you have to set up the sanitation system and it more or less takes care of itself from there. The system produces clean water that lasts for months.

Longer Lasting Water

With fresh water hot tubs, you have to empty and change the water every three or four months depending on the amount of use it gets. The process is straightforward but does take time. Also, it means you can’t use your tub until its full and warm again.

With a salt water hot tub, you can wait a year before changing the water assuming you have a good sanitation system and you inspect and clean the cell every 3 months or so.


Enhanced Hydrotherapy

People across the world take salt water baths. These baths extract fluids and other toxins from the skin. With this in mind, salt water hot tubs come with the same health benefits.

Some of the reasons you may want to take a soak in your salt water hot tub include:

  • To recover from a training session or sports competition
  • To detox from a stressful week
  • To relieve swollen joints and inflammation

While these tubs do come with various health benefits, be sure to not overdo it. Spending too long in the hot tub can do more harm than good to your skin.

Ease Swelling and Relieve Pain

Aside from eliminating toxins, salt water hot tubs can minimize pain and swelling. This is especially true with conditions such as arthritis.

The hot water loosens the joints and the salt adds a level of buoyancy that relieves some of the pressure. According to studies, it takes about 20 minutes to enjoy the full effects of hot water on the joints in people with arthritis.

Additionally, hot tubs are great for treating lower back pain. The heat will help relax the muscles. Not only this, if you have the right jets, you can target problem areas to relieve some of the pressure and spasms.

But, salt water tubs can help with more than back pain and arthritis. This type of therapy can help relieve all aches and pains. While it’s not always a complete solution to your problems, it can be great with other forms of therapy.

No Chemical Odor

With a hot tub that uses salt water, you no longer need chlorine or bromine tablets. While you must shock the tub, you can do it with a chlorine-free MPS.

The great thing about salt water tubs is that they produce their own chlorine. The key difference is that they create it in a natural way. They don’t use binders or additives.

Without the added chlorine, you won’t have to put up with that chemical smell while you’re soaking in your tub. While bromine can be better, it does leave residue on your skin and hair if you spend a long period of time soaking.

Salt water systems are less likely to produce the smell that comes from combined molecules. Instead, the system uses up the chlorine molecules which revert it back to salt. This is where the name sodium chloride comes from.

Salt Chlorine Generators

A saltwater chlorine generator is a must if you want to change from a ‘normal’ chlorine treatment system. Below is a range of salt chlorine generators that are worth considering if you are thinking of switching to a salt water system:

A Salt Water Hot Tub Is Safer for You and the Environment

The effects of chlorine on the human body vary according to the amount present. Also, the length and frequency of exposure can play a key role. It can also depend on a person’s health and whether they have any medical conditions.

But, breathing small amounts of chlorine affects the average person’s respiratory system. This can lead to severe coughing, chest pain, and in some cases, water retention in the lungs.

In addition, handling the ‘raw’ chlorine requires special care, as it can irritate the eyes and skin if not used with care.

But, salt water systems are also better for the environment than their freshwater alternatives. This is because you won’t use as much water cleaning and refilling them.

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As you can see, a saltwater hot tub is safer, easier to use and maintain, and comes with a mound of health benefits. While chlorine is present, it is far less than in freshwater models.

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