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Portable Hot Tubs Reviews Will Help You To Choose the Best Model

portable hot tubs reviews

Our Thoughts On Homax Portable Inflatable Hot Tubs

If you are interested in the benefits a hot tub gives, you may wish to consider purchasing a portable hot tub instead of a permanent fixture. There are many reasons why a Homax portable hot tub spa can be the best decision in a hot tub purchase. Here is information collected from Homax portable inflatable hot tub reviews showing the main features these tubs offer. Also are some of the pros and cons one would have in purchasing one over a permanent hot tub.

In a hurry? Here is a quick comparison of several Homax Inflatable models:

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Main Features of Homax Portable Tubs:

There are five Homax inflatable hot tub sizes on the market starting from a modest 158 gallon size to a large 375 gallon enclosure. This allows consumers to select the hot tub most appropriate for their individual lifestyles. The portable Homax hot tub designs vary from a smaller round shape which fits four people to a larger rectangular shape which has ample room for six. Instead of having ridge seats or benches along the sides, these portable tubs are comfortable enough to sit on the floor, allowing one to enjoy the warm temperature throughout the body.

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There is a massaging bubble feature included with all five types of Homax hot tub inflatable models. The heat will continue to warm the tub the entire time the air jets are being used. The jets turn off automatically after twenty minutes so the system has a chance to cool down for a bit. They will come back on ten minutes afterward if desired. The hot tub can be utilized without this massaging feature by simply turning it off when someone wants to soak without any water movement.
The Homax inflatable spa models available on the market come with filters and water chemicals to ensure the water quality is superior. It has a hard water adjustment right in the tub to make water soft and enjoyable.

Summary of Homax Portable Hot Tubs Reviews (158 Gallons):

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The Pros:

  • Purchasing a portable hot tub is much cheaper than forking out money for an expensive permanent model. The installation alone may be more than the cost of a portable model. Often someone will find they need to have an electrician come into the home to prepare the area where the hot tub is going to be placed. With a portable unit, one would simply plug the unit into a standard wall unit without any worry whatsoever.
  • A Homax portable hot tub fits in almost any style home with ease. It is a wonderful solution for those wanting to relax in warm water in an area without a lot of space. The design of this type of type makes it possible to fit in tiny rooms without it being a hindrance.
  • These portable inflatable hot tubs fold up easily when not in use so they can be stored in a smaller area. They can be set up in under ten minutes. After they are plugged into a 110 Volt electricity source via wall outlet, the hot tub inflates via an enclosed motor.
  • Water can be added via a garden hose to fill the hot tub. There is a drainage tub at the bottom of each hot tub’s floor for quick water release. This can be attached to a hose and redirected outdoors if it is being used in an interior area.
  • The hot tub is completely portable making it very easy to drain, move, add air and water if someone wants to move it to a different location. The durable materials it is made from allow it to be used outdoors. It can be used in any temperature above 40 degrees without worry.

The Cons

While not a deal-breaker in terms of hot tub design, some people do not like the lack of chairs or benches in the hot tub. Taller people may find they are not submerged as far as they would like and shorter people may find they get too hot and don’t have an area to rest for a bit while they cool off. Shorter people may benefit from the use of a booster chair which they bring into the tub when they wish to use it. Many people however enjoy the added area to move around in the hot tub without having restrictive seating in the way.

It takes time for water to get to the proper temperature. For those who wish to enjoy the tub, they can turn it on well before they wish to get inside to alleviate getting into a hot tub that isn’t warm enough. Another idea is to use buckets of already hot water to start off the hot tub session. This will save time in waiting for it to heat to the desired temperature.

Some people who have bought these hot tubs in the past have noted that the zipper on the cover breaks easily. Taking time when closing and opening will help keep it from having this happen. The drain hose was also said to be a bit flimsy in some instances. This would depend on the hose it is being attached to. If water remains in the tub after draining, it would need to be removed with small bowls and then sopped up with a towel if it does not work adequately.

Our Conclusions

In general, our opinion is that Homax hot tubs are good value for money. While they may lack some of the features of more sophisticated (and expensive) hot tubs, they are ideal for most family situations where a good quality, yet affordable tub is required. These conclusions are backed up by best portable hot tub reviews.

Homax Portable Hot Tub Buy:

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