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How to Care For Your Outdoor Hot Tub in 7 Easy Steps

How to Care For Your Outdoor Hot Tub in 7 Easy Steps

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Are you lucky enough to have a hot tub to unwind in after a long day? If so, you probably would agree that it’s well-worth the upkeep to maintain it.

In addition to offering a relaxing welcome-home, the warm, bubbling water provides a flurry of physical and mental benefits, as well. According to LiveStrong, soaking in a hot tub can reduce stress, alleviate arthritis pains and muscle aches, improve circulation, and facilitate a restful night’s sleep, among other benefits.

In fact, long before hot tubs were first available, people had similar therapeutic experiences from natural hot springs. When the hot tub was created in the 1940’s by Candido Jacuzzi, it gave people the opportunity to bring the hot springs experience home.

While hot tubs have since been a luxury enjoyed by millions, owners must exercise proper care. Find out how to maintain your outdoor hot tub here!

How to Maintain Your Outdoor Hot Tub in 7 Steps

Keeping your outdoor hot tub in tip-top shape isn’t difficult if you follow these simple steps.

1. Get to Know Your Hot Tub

The first thing you should do when you get a new hot tub for your home is to take some time to get acquainted with your purchase.

Read over the owner’s manual for any specific instructions that may accompany your particular model hot tub. Become familiar with the terminology. And research the basics, such as how much water your hot tub holds and where the filter is located.

Taking care of anything is easier once you understand a little more about how it works.

2. Check Your Water Chemistry

When dealing with a hot tub’s water chemistry, you will find it is similar to the chemistry in a swimming pool.

The three levels that you should know about are pH, alkaline, and your choice of a cleaning agent. Often, the cleaning agent that’s used is chlorine, but there are other options for those who might be interested.

If your levels are not where they should be then you will need to make any necessary adjustments prior to your next soak.


3. Circulate Your Water Regularly

The more often that your water is circulated, the cleaner it will be. If your water is not circulated regularly, you run the risk of bacteria build-up.

Some suggest circulating at least once a day, whenever possible.

4. Clean Your Spa Cartridge Filter

According to your pressure gauge reading, or your owner’s manual recommended schedule, you will need to clean your filter. This may be done every month or two, depending on how often the spa is used. If used three times a week or more, it’s a good idea to clean it every month.

You should also replace your spa filter. Filters must be replaced at least every one to two years. However, some might suggest more frequent changing.


5. Clean Your Spa

You will need to change the water out completely every 60 to 90 days. This is an important step because although you have cleaning chemicals, they won’t offer a healthy level of protection in old, dirty water.

Outdoor hot tubs can collect residue on their shell. When you have emptied the water, use a spa cleaner to clean its surface area.

You can also use a spa vacuum to suck up any muck that may have collected in the corners.

Once you have fully cleaned your outdoor hot tub, then you can refill the recommended amount of water. Don’t forget to check the chemical levels and add when necessary before re-using it.

6. Check for Debris

Depending on where your spa is located and the elements that it’s exposed to, you might find dirt or debris floating on top of the water’s surface. You can sometimes also find that bits of rock or other contaminants have drifted to the bottom of your outdoor hot tub.

A skimmer net is a great asset in removing any floating debris or debris collected under the surface.

You should check for debris each time you use your hot tub, or once a week if you do not use it more regularly than that.


7. Keep it Covered

Your spa cover is an important part of the basic care and maintenance of your hot tub.

First of all, it’s necessary to keep your spa covered when it is not in use. This will, obviously, keep debris to a minimum and protect it from becoming contaminated with dirt, leaves, and bacteria.

The second thing to remember is that your spa cover should be allowed to air out at least twice a week. Due to the dampness of a hot tub’s environment, it’s a must that your cover be removed and laid out regularly.

Shake loose any debris that may have attached to your cover. Then flatten it and give it a chance to breathe for a few hours.

It’s also a good idea to use an appropriate cleaner to wipe the surface clean when you air it out.

If your cover becomes contaminated with bacteria, then your water is at risk as well. So, be sure that you follow proper care guidelines for this important component of your hot tub.


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