Where Do You Put an Outdoor Hot Tub? 5 Tips for Choosing the Best Spot

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Where Do You Put an Outdoor Hot Tub? Tips for Choosing the Best Spot

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Buying a hot tub soon and you’re thinking where to put it?

That’s a rather tough dilemma, especially since there are a lot of factors to consider.

It’s not a simple matter of choosing where the hot tub will fit. It also means choosing based on the foundation, the purpose, the convenience, and so on.

The aesthetics matter, yes, but it will only look good if you place it at the right location.

Read on to see how you can choose the right location, regardless of whether you have a round hot tub or another type.

1. Choose a Location with a Firm Foundation

An outdoor hot tub is heavy, and by heavy, we mean a couple of tons of weight. This is why the foundation should be strong; it should be able to accommodate every pound after you’ve added the total weight of the adults it’s able to carry. This is not only to protect the structure, which might break under the weight, but also to ensure your safety.

Many recommend placing the hot tub on a level concrete slab that’s at least 4″ thick, but a crushed gravel bed is a good idea, too. You’ll only have to make sure that the gravel bed is compact. You can do this by installing a square frame to hold them together.

Pavers and blocks can work, as well as a wood decking. Today, there are also prefabricated hot tub pads that you can use as an easy foundation. Whichever option you choose, make sure to refer to a structural engineer or a building contractor to confirm the structural integrity.

You’ll also have to consider the size of the spots you’re considering. Make sure to choose a spa that fits unless you want to build a foundation that can accommodate a bigger size.

2. Think About the Drainage System

The thing about tubs is that you fill it with water, which you’ll then have to drain. For this reason, it’s a lot more convenient to place it near an already existing drainage. If this is not possible, you’ll have to install a drain.

It’s best if you let a professional assess your drainage system. Hot tub manufacturers specify the proper way to install a drain, and professionals will be able to follow the requirements.

Waterproofing is also something you should consider, especially if you’re placing it on the patio, on your deck, or on the gazebo. Make sure that the wood under it have sufficient waterproofing to prevent rot and mildew.

The surrounding areas need waterproofing as well since water will splash everywhere. If there’s wood along the path you’ll take between the tub and the door (or anywhere else), it should be waterproof, too.

3. Consider the Usage of the Outdoor Hot Tub

The location also depends on how you plan to use the hot tub.

Are you planning to hold a lot of parties and invite friends over to your new saltwater hot tub, for example? Then you may want to put it in a wide area that’s accessible by guests. A spot near the pool would be a great idea.

If, however, you and your spouse are planning to use it for yourselves most of the time, you may want to pick a more secluded spot in your backyard for some privacy. What about when you’re also planning to let kids enjoy it? Then make sure the area is safe for children to play around.

Keep in mind that the surrounding area will be wet, and you can’t prevent kids from running out of the tub. With that said, make sure there are no platforms where they can fall from and don’t put flooring that becomes slippery when wet.

Moreover, it helps when the tub is in a location that you have a clear view of whether you’re inside the house or outside. Kids plus water isn’t a good equation, so you need to always be wary whenever you let them play in your hot tub.

4. Place It Where It Looks Good

Hot tubs are huge; it will stand out wherever you end up placing it. That’s why you also have to consider how it will look against the potential backdrop.

Will it fit with the aesthetics of your backyard or do you think it will look better on the gazebo? If you don’t have a gazebo, what’s stopping you from getting one for the sole purpose of making your hot tub look good?

A tub’s main purpose is for relaxation and enjoyment. You won’t be able to maximize its offerings if the mere sight of it makes you feel down. Make sure that it looks good wherever you decide to place it, whether it’s a square or a round hot tub.

That may mean adding a few enhancements, such as new shrubs and flowers. If you have the budget, installing a water feature like a fountain near it can elevate your experience. Consider installing some outdoor lighting as well.

5. Make Sure the Spot is Convenient for the Users

You can be sure that you’ll be enjoying the hot tub for years to come, which is why you should consider your comfort as well. Make sure the intended users can access it without much fuss, and it also helps for it to be near a bathroom as well. That way, you and the other users can use the bathroom without taking a long way, which will make a mess.

This is why many prefer their hot tubs to be near their backdoors. The nearer it is, the less time you spend outdoors. This is pretty convenient when it’s cold or raining outside.

While the previous tip is important, you might consider prioritizing the convenience above it. It might look better at the other end of the yard, for example, but that might mean you can’t use it on rainy nights.

Where are You Placing Your Hot Tub?

Following these tips in mind should enable you to locate the best spot for your outdoor hot tub. If you need more tips about, including portable hot tubs, visit our blog now.



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