Little Giant Automatic Pool Cover Pump Reviews

Little Giant Automatic Pool Cover Pump Reviews – What Do They Really Say?

The market has many options when it comes to pool cover pumps, and vetting all of them is not a simple task at the best of times. This is why it is critical to figure out which one is the best for maintaining your swimming pool. One of the options available at the moment is the “Little Giant 5-APCP Automatic Pool Cover Pump”. Is this a good fit to go with? Let’s take a look a the Little Giant Pump in this detailed product review.

Little Giant Automatic Pool Cover Pump Reviews


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Before we look at the Little Giant 5-APCP, here’s a quick comparison with other Little Giant models:

Little Giant Pool Cover Pump Comparison:

Little Giant 5-APCPLittle Giant PCP550Little Giant APCP-1700 1/3-HP
List Price N/A $51.49 $125.29
Warranty 1 2 year 3
Model 505600 PCP550 577301
Feature AUTOMATIC POOL COVER PUMP: The pump safeguards pool covers from prolonged accumulation of rain or melting snow. The automatic switch will turn on when the water level is at or above 3 1/4" and turn off when the level drops to 1 3/4". It can pump down to 1/8" of water in manual mode.
SUBMERSIBLE PUMP: The pump is submersible and can operate in automatic or manual modes to suit any circumstance. Garden Hose adaptor is included.
HOUSEHOLD DESIGNED PUMP: The Pump is CSA listed and has 25-foot power cord, 115 volts and 60 Hertz, 380 watts, 1200 GPH at 1 foot
SWIMMING POOL PUMP: The Little Giant 5-APCP Pool Cover Pump is ideal for protecting pool covers from standing water and the removable stabilizing plate allows for use in a variety of other applications.
VERSATILE PUMP WARRANTY: This versatile pump includes a stabilizing plate and automatic switch, both of which are removable, allowing the pump to be used in a variety of other applications. Automatic switch activates in approximately 2-1/4" of water. It has 2 years of warranty.
POOL COVER PUMP: Manual pool cover pump removes standing water from pool covers and is ideal for household water transfer applications
THERMOPLASTIC PUMP: It has removable intake screen for easy cleaning and maintenance
MANUAL POOL PUMP: It has 25' power cord 550 GPH at 0' lift - 400 GPH at 3' lift, 25-foot power cord and 58 watts
EASY INSTALLATION: It has 3/4-inch garden hose connection for easy installation and 550-gallon per hour flow rate
LITTLE GIANT POOL COVER PUMP: Little GIANT Pool Cover Pumps help safeguard and protect the pool cover from prolonged accumulation of rain or melting snow. We offer manual and automatic versions of pumps certified for use on pool covers, all of which can attach to a standard garden hose for easy water removal
Removable intake screen for easy cleaning and maintenance
Built in handle for portability and ease of placement and removal
3/4" garden hose connection
25' power cord
Integrated float switch for reliable automatic operation
Activates in 2" of water
Side discharge for optimal water removal

Little Giant Automatic Pool Cover Pump Reviews (Model 5-APCP):

Little Giant Automatic Pool Cover Pump Reviews (Model PCP550):

Little Giant Automatic Pool Cover Pump Reviews (Model APCP-1700):

Little Giant 5-APCP Features

1) Simple Cleaning And/Or Maintenance Using Relay Screen

2) Set Up Is Straightforward And Takes Minutes

3) Versatile And Works With All Pools As Desired

4) Removes Standing Water As Required Within Minutes

5) Generates Substantial Amount Of Power

6) Built in Handle To Make Process Easy To Control

7) All Processes Are Automated To Provide An Easier Experience For User

8) Lightweight

9) Three Years Of Warranty Included With The Product

pool cover pump
These are the features included with this product for those looking to get a gist of what is on offer.


What does this product do well? It is one of the best options to go with when it comes to durability. Made from the finest quality materials, this pump is going to last for as long as one wants. It is just not going to wither away as time goes on and that is critical. Why not make an investment that is going to last?

It is also easy to clean once the job has been done. There are many examples of people who get frustrated with their pool cover pumps because they are simply not easy to maintain. There is no value in going with such a pump as that is going to get annoying in a hurry, but the Little Giant will not cause such problems.

The pump is also easy to manage as the processes are automated and that is a major plus point. The whole purpose of getting such a product is to make life easier, so don’t go with anything else when it comes to an automated solution, because this model provides a tremendous amount of control and mobility.

The Giant is also equipped with a built-in handle for those who want something to manage the pool cover pump at all times. This is going to ensure things are working as needed.

It is also one of the most reliable options on the market and that is obviously very useful. Put it into water (at least 2 inches) and you will know it is going to work as needed. It will activate right off the bat and get to work.

The final positive to note down would be the customer service this brand has to offer. The company is willing to put in the hard work for its customers and that is never a bad thing. You will be treated with respect and they are quick to get down to business.


Are there cons one should be listing down with regards to this product and what it has to offer? Yes, there are a few cons that should be noted before making the purchase. While, these cons should not necessarily get in the way of your purchase, they should be mentioned in order to get a gist of what is going to come about with this purchase.

The first con would have to do with freezing conditions. Those who are going to be using it in colder weather have to be aware of it not being able to sustain the same level of quality as needed. This is generally not a problem, but the colder it gets, the harder it will have to work. This can put some people off, but in general, it is able to push through and do a great job.

The next con would have to do with the length of the hose. Don’t overextend the hose as that is going to impact the hose’s performance. Stick to anything below 15 feet with the Little Giant Pool Cover Pump.

Concluding Thoughts

This is one of the best automatic pool cover pumps on the market right now. You are simply not going to find a better fit and our view is that it is going to work like a charm.

If you want a quality product, the Little Giant Pool Cover Pump is a winner. It simply works as you want it to and is going to be a reliable addition to your pool maintenance program. Why not give it a try?

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