LifeSmart Rock Solid 7 Person Spa Reviews

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LifeSmart Rock Solid 7 Person Spa Reviews – Learn More About the Spas That Are Available Before Making a Decision

If you are interested in purchasing a spa, you’re obviously going to want to purchase the best one you can afford. While you may see many different ones that offer the features you’re looking for within a particular price range, there is still a bit of research that needs to be done to ensure you end up with a spa that really meets all of your needs and will hold up over the years. Below is some information about a few of the spas available right now, including  Lifesmart rock solid 7 person spa reviews and user feedback.

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Why is Reading Reviews Before Making a Purchase Important?

Spas are typically not considered inexpensive and are likely going to be a permanent addition to the home. They are going to require some care to continue to work properly for many years and are an investment for the home. Before making a purchase, you will likely want to find out what others think about the spa and whether they would recommend purchasing it. Reading this can give you an idea of spas to avoid and help them narrow down their choices when there are many that fit within their budget. It’s important to read both positive and negative reviews carefully before making a decision so you can get an idea of whether or not the spa is preferred by those who purchased it.

The Lifesmart Hydromaster

The lifesmart hydromaster 7 person spa includes a hard shell, can hold up to 340 gallons, and seats seven people comfortably. The spa also features 30 hydrotherapy jets and a waterfall to help relax the user’s muscles at the end of a long day. The spa includes a filter to keep the water clean and comfort dials for those who need to have the perfect air/water mixture.
LifeSmart Rock Solid 7 Person Spa Reviews
It also includes a strong heater to ensure the water remains a comfortable temperature at all times.
According to reviews, the only cons are the price and the lack of portability. However, the spa does have a lot of positive points, including powerful and properly placed jets.

The Lifesmart Grandmaster

The lifesmart grandmaster 7 person spa features step down seats and holds about 340 gallons of water. It includes 45 hydrotherapy jets and comfort dials for the perfect air and water mixture. It also offers digital topside controls, making adjusting the spa easier for anyone relaxing in it. The jets are considered powerful and it includes a large heater that is designed to heat faster and help keep the spa at a consistent temperature.

According to reviews, this spa might be a little expensive compared to similar models and it isn’t very easy to lift and move. Overall, however, there are far more pros than cons, making this a solid option for a person who doesn’t want to overspend and still wants a large spa.

The Lifesmart 600DX

The 600DX is a popular option for those who require a 7 person spa. The Lifesmart 600DX 7 person spa includes 65 therapy jets, a waterfall jet, and a locking spa cover. It offers many of the standard features similar spas offer and also features a highly indestructible shell that is going to outlast many other types of shells. It includes a multijet turbo blaster for those who want a massage while they’re in the tub and offers barrier-free seating. This is the most expensive of the three options listed here, but it does offer the most features and an impressive number of jets.

According to reviews, the 600DX is an amazing deal for the number of features it offers and the company offers fantastic customer service. Those who didn’t enjoy the spa noted the jets are not incredibly strong and the heater is not as good as it could have been. However, the spa is overall rated at 4.3 out of 5.0 stars, making it a solid option for a person who wants a spa with all of the features but a lower price than other models. If you would like to look to compare with a good 4 person spa click here.

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