Leaf Nets Above Ground Pools – Our Review of the Available Options

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Leaf Nets Above Ground Pools – How To Easily Keep Your Pool Free From Leaves & Have Less Work

Thinking of leaf nets above ground pools? Then imagine the following problem. Each spring when you open your pool, it is filled with foul smelling, thick, and potentially dangerous mush. Where did it come from? Is it hazardous to you, your family members, or your pets? How do you get rid of it safely and efficiently? How do you prevent it from happening in the future?

leaf nets above ground pools


In an unprotected pool, this liquefied mass is usually made up of leaves, sticks, and other debris that have fallen into your pool, gotten wet, then softened and rotted as the weather warmed up. What is the answer?

Pool nets solve many of the above problems. Below is a description of what they are and how they work, as well as a review of two different leaf nets from the Blue Wave brand.

What Do Pool Leaf Nets Do?

You may be asking, “But isn’t the winter cover enough?” Put simply, no, it isn’t. There is a simple reason for this, and it is called gravity.

A winter cover is usually a thick, waterproof lining that you lay over the surface of your pool. Like a winter leaf net, it is held down by rubber or polymer water weights. However, this is where the similarities end. Winter covers are impenetrable, meaning leaves cannot get through to the pool. However, neither can water. Consider how much rain, sleet, and snow you will have, even before Christmas. Leaves may not seem like they add much weight or strain to your cover. However, consider the leaves when they get wet during that type of weather. They get heavy, and when they freeze, they become a solid mass that is concentrated in the center of your cover.

Now you are looking at the possibility of the cover falling into your pool. The best case scenario is that only a corner or two of your pool will be exposed. The worst case scenario is that the whole thing goes in, damaging your pool coping, lining, walls, and floor on the way down. Leaf nets prevent this problem.

A close mesh which is both strong and pliable is used to to allow water and snow to pass through, but not leaves, sticks, and other sharp debris. The mesh creates a protective layer over the winter cover, thereby limiting the amount of strain and weight it must endure during the cold season. Once it warms up, the leaf net, which is much lighter than a winter cover, can be lifted off, leaves and all. Once the leaves and debris are shaken out of the net, it can then be stored easily.

What Technology Is Used to Make Them? How Reliable Are They?

Pool leaf nets are machine woven with polyethylene polymers or other microscopically reinforced fabric. The mesh ranges from fishing net-like in size to nearly invisible. The strap attachments are usually made of nylon. Alternatively, spring-configured hooks are used. These are made of rustproofed, stainless steel. The water weights, which fit through looks at the ends of the nets, are tire-grade intertube rubber, meaning they will expand safely as the water inside them freezes.

What Are the Best Brands of Pool Leaf Nets?

Each brand and type of above ground pool leaf net will carry certain advantages that may be desirable to you. The two nets reviewed here are generally the most popular and have the highest averages among the reviews on most sites. The two leaf nets above ground pools about to be reviewed are the Blue Wave 18 foot Round Leaf Net Above Ground Pool Cover and the Blue Wave 18-ft x 34-ft Oval Leaf Net Above Ground Pool Cover.

In terms of price, neither will cost you more than $100 at most online retailers. The materials are the same (polyethylene polymer, which is strong and flexible) and allows these nets to be light weight, easily rolled or folded, and highly storable.

There is a three foot overlap all the way around the net, which allows you to secure it with weights or to the outer walls of your above ground pool. A winch system comes included to ensure the net sits higher than the winter cover and maintains that distance throughout the winter. The manufacturer offers some advice, suggesting you either take the net off in the spring or after the first snow. This gets you through the autumn season and falling leaves, but not the sticks and other debris that can blow you into your pool later. However, it will extend the life of the net significantly. Either way, both the circular and oval net comes with a 4-year warranty.

Blue Wave 18 foot Round Leaf Net Above Ground Pool Cover

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Round Leaf Net Reviews:

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Blue Wave 18-ft x 34-ft Oval Leaf Net Above Ground Pool Cover

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Oval Leaf Net Reviews:

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Leaf Nets Above Ground Pools – Our Final Thoughts

When looking for a leaf net cover above ground pool, be sure to use the descriptions and reviews above to guide you in your search. Keep in mind, you have the option of buying a leaf net above ground pool from a third party (who may or may not offer a discount), or directly from the manufacturer.

Where To Buy Blue Wave Above Ground Pool Leaf Nets

[easyazon_link identifier=”B008R6O35C” locale=”US” tag=”httpwwwbuil06-20″]Click Here For The Blue Wave 18-ft Round Leaf Net [/easyazon_link]

[easyazon_link identifier=”B008R6O640″ locale=”US” tag=”httpwwwbuil06-20″]Click Here for the Blue Wave 18-ft x 34-ft Oval Leaf Net Cover[/easyazon_link]



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