An Easy Way To Relax – Is the Answer an Intex Hot Tub?

Intex Hot Tub – An Affordable Luxury That Will Add Value To Any Home

Are you considering whether to purchase an Intex Hot Tub? Clearly, When it comes to relaxing and soaking in warm water, nothing beats a hot tub. They have jets that will keep the water moving around your skin and allow you to have a great relaxation session after a hard day at work.

intex hot tub

Hot tubs are also perfect for parties and group events where people are going to socialize and spend time together. Most people like to sit inside and watch television when it’s chilly outside, but they don’t have to do this if they own a hot tub.

However, a hot tub can be quite expensive, especially if someone wants a large one that fits six or eight people. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on a wooden hot tub, people now have the option of buying an inflatable hot tub. These hot tubs are perfect alternatives to stationary wooden ones because they provide the exact same experience without costing a fortune.

Intex Hot Tubs

Those who are serious about purchasing a hot tub should check out an intex hot tub. This brand is one of the most popular inflatable hot tub providers because they make several different sizes.

Some people just want a smaller tub that can fit two people so they have something to soak in at the end of the day, but other people want large ones where they can fit a group of friends in. An intex portable hot tub will provide someone with the solution to their relaxation problems, no matter what they want to use it for.

The interior of an inflatable hot tub is going to be just as comfortable as a stationary one. Some people even say that the soft lining is even more comfortable than a hard seat that’s standard in a wooden one. The vinyl interior is not something that’s going to agitate someone’s skin either.

What Do People Think About Intex Hot Tubs?

Those who are serious about getting an Intex hot tub should check out some intex hot tub reviews. These can be found on basic review websites and also on the main company website. Those who have purchased these hot tubs are more than happy to tell others what they think about them. This information is going to be crucial to someone who is serious about buying one, especially if they are looking to get a large one. Reviewers are going to address all of the problems that a potential buyer will be worried about. Be sure to read more than one intex hot tub review to make sure that you are getting unbiased information.

Intex Hot Tubs Reviews:

Common Concerns About An Inflatable Hot Tub

The main concerns people have with buying an inflatable hot tub is the price, comfort, maintenance, damage, and ease of use.


The average wooden hot tub is going to cost someone around $2,000 to $6,000, depending on what they are looking for. However, equivalent inflatable hot tubs can be purchased for somewhere around $300 to $1500. This is a drastic savings that attracts many people.


The ability to fit several people is another concern that potential hot tub buyers have. The same sizes of wooden hot tubs are available in inflatable ones, so there’s no need to worry about sacrificing comfort. Also, the inflatable ones have just as many jets and will provide the same frothy water as a wooden one.


Maintaining an inflatable hot tub is going to be slightly more difficult if someone plans on using it frequently. They will have to clean the filter more often as it’s not as large as the ones on other hot tubs. Replacing the water on a monthly basis will also be necessary. Also, the water needs to be cleaned with chemicals and the pH needs to be closely regulated. If the pH is not perfect, there’s a risk of damaging the vinyl liner.

Damage Repair

Some people think that if their inflatable hot tub gets damaged that it will be ruined forever. This is not true because a simple patch kit can fix any minor damages the hot tub receives. Simply deflate the tub, apply the adhesive and patch, let it dry, then inflate and refill the tub. Replacement parts are also available for pumps, hooks, hoses, valves, and pins.

Ease Of Use

Filling an inflatable hot tub is not going to take very long, and connecting it to a power supply is just as simple. Any standard home is going to have the sufficient power that it will require and all homes have hoses that can be used to fill the tub.

Intex Hot Tub – Our Conclusions

These hot tubs are perfect for people who plan on renting homes for the foreseeable future. They can be packed up and transported with ease and will provide excellent relaxation for many years. Be sure to do some thorough research on these hot tub before you pay someone thousands of dollars to install an in-ground one or buy an above ground hot tub that you aren’t going to be able to take with you.

Comparison With Other Hot Tubs

Before making up your mind about Intex Hot Tubs, check the comparison table below to see how they rate in comparison to similar tubs:

Intex 77inch

Coleman Lay-Z

Homax 2 Person

Homax 4 Person

Volume 210 gallons 254 145 gallons 158 gallons
Air Jets 120 - 130 130
Seating Capacity 4 people 4 people 2 people 4 people
Customer Rating 4 stars 4.5 stars 4 stars 4.5 stars

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