Intex Easy Set Pool Set Reviews

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Intex Easy Set Pool Set Reviews

A backyard without a beautiful pool set? Blasphemy! There is no reason to avoid being able to enjoy the summer’s day in a gorgeous pool. This pool set by Intex is a winning option for those who are hoping to find a high-quality, durable pool set. Intex Easy Set Pool Set reviews show that Its features are the perfect fit for those who want something that is going to be aesthetically pleasing, as well as a great quality product. Let’s take a look at what makes this pool set one of the best options on the market right now.

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Easy To Set Up

There are no tools required to have the pool up and ready to go as needed. There are so many options on the market, which take a long while to set up and that can be annoying to say the least. Who wants to go through all of this when they could be swimming in a ready to go pool instead?

This is a pool that is going to be ready to go in less than 30 minutes. Yes, it is that fast!
intex easy set pool set reviews

This is the beauty of going with a pool that is made to impress immediately.

Intex Easy Set Pool Set Reviews:

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Dual Suction Outlets

What is one of the main concerns people tend to have with regard to pools? It comes down to the water circulation taking place. It can often be below par and that can be very annoying.

In this regard, you are going to get the fittings in place to circulate water effectively. This is going to lead to an overall better experience because the water will be fresh and clean at all times.

It does not get better than this for those who fear dirty water inside of their pool.


How does it look? As soon as you get a peek at the pool, you are going to be in love. It is one of the best-designed pool sets you are going to lay an eye on.

It is not only easy to set up, but it looks fantastic. The materials used are of the highest quality and it has the overall balance needed for a pool to work well.


This is a pool set which is going to remain as durable as you want it to. They have made it ‘super tough’ as they like to state.

It is made to last and you are going to notice this as soon as it is set up and put to use. What other pool set is going to make such claims and deliver as well?

The attention to detail is there for one and all to see with the included DVD. A company that is willing to make a DVD to go along with their pool set is always going to be the one that values quality over anything else. This includes durable materials being used for the pool.

Laminated PVC Sidewalls

It is the sidewalls you are going to be attracted to. This is one of the main design features they have placed an emphasis on. Don’t want to deal with tears in the pool’s sidewalls? The company behind this gorgeous pool have made sure it not only looks great but is going to be able to sustain a significant amount of pressure as well.

Pools can go through a lot of rough use and it can be hard to avoid when you are having fun. The sidewalls are going to ensure this does not lead to significant damage.

Fantastic Dimensions

This is a 12ft X 30in pool set by Intex, which means you are going to have a lot of space to work with. This is a pool that is going to yield full quality as needed. You are not going to feel cramped at all. Not only is this spacious, but the design has been put together in a manner where space is optimized as well.

This means you are able to swim with ease and enjoy the experience.

This pool set is truly special and one for the ages when it comes to getting full value for your money.

Splendid Drain Plug

If you are looking to drain the water after a wonderful time in the pool, the drain plug has been designed for maximum efficiency. Put it to use and the water will be drained within minutes. It is simple and painless.

All of the Intex Easy Set reviews are saying the same thing. It is one of the most comprehensive and durable solutions on offer right now. Why waste time with a solution that is not going to get the job done? Set this pool up and never worry about dirty water, elongated setup times, and/or an overall poor experience. This is the charm of the Intex Easy Set Pool Set. It is truly one of those magical options that are going to fit right in and you won’t even have to think about it. Who doesn’t want a pool like this?

Intex Easy Set Pool Set Price:

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