Inground Pool Leaf Nets – Our Explanation and Review of the Costs & Benefits

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Inground Pool Leaf Nets – How To Keep Your Pool Clean & Have More Time To Enjoy It!

The cleaner your pool is when you close it, the easier it is to reopen. This is true of in-ground pools that build up leaves, debris, algae, and even dead animals. In-ground pools, for a variety of safety reasons, are often not completely drained, and this is why pool owners need inground pool leaf nets.

inground pool leaf nets


The amount or bacteria, algae, and other, unseen biological organisms that build up over the winter can be staggering. In addition, any solid matter that gets in the water will move as that water freezes. This can cause dents, scratches, and tears in the pool lining, as well as damage to sensitive equipment such as skimmers, drains, jets, and underwater lights.

Products called pool leaf net covers (specifically, inground leaf net pool covers) help ameliorate the problems of debris, algae, and dead animals in your winter pool. Below is a description of the technology and benefits of these products, as well as a review of two of the most prominent inground pool leaf nets currently on the market. (And if you happen to have an above ground pool, check out our leaf net cover article here.)

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1. Inground Pool Leaf Nets: The Technology

These nets are constructed to last. Carrying up to a 4-year warranty, most nets are constructed from woven polyethylene configured into a tight but porous mesh. This mesh catches leaves that otherwise get trapped in your pool and decay and liquefy as spring warms up. The other major advantage of the mesh configuration is that healthy air and sunlight can pass through it, thus eliminating the growth of certain types of algae, bacteria, and other hazardous or destructive microorganisms. Loops to fit weighted water tubes help keep the inground pool leaf nets in place above winter pool covers.

2. Why Have a Pool Leaf Net When You Already Have a Winter Cover?

You have probably heard the adage “it’s better to be prepared than sorry.” An inground pool leaf net cover is far more than an additional precaution. If you consider what a winter cover is meant to do, as well as how limited it can be, the necessity of leaf nets inground pools becomes very clear.

Consider how much snow you get during the winter, as well as the fact that rain will usually fall in large amounts before the weather turns cool. Water easily builds up in the dips of the non-porous winter covers. This weighs it down and causes the edges, no matter how well weighted, to lift and be pulled toward the center of your pool. In the best instances, only a little of the pool is exposed. Under the worst circumstances, inground pool leaf nets can be pulled completely into the pool, along with weights that can damage both lining and stone. This in turn can cause flooding of your property as the weather warms up.

At first, it may not seem that leaves would compound this problem much. However, wet leaves weigh much more than they appear to. And when those wet leaves freeze, they become a solid weight that can put serious pressure on your winter cover. Do you see now how helpful a leaf net can be?

3. Blue Wave Leaf Net and Doheny Rectangular Leaf Nets: A Comparative Review

Of the two inground pool leaf nets appropriate for rectangular, in-ground pools, the Blue Wave and Doheny brands are among the two that are best reviewed. Of the two reviewed here, the smaller is the Doheny Leaf Net Winter Pool Cover for a 16 foot x 32 foot Rectangle Pool Cover (which actually covers 20 feet x 36 feet of pool space). The larger is the Blue Wave 20 foot x 40 foot Rectangular Leaf Net In Ground Pool Cover (which also has an actual coverage of 20 feet by 40 feet).

The Doheny leaf net is a bit more expensive than the typical winter cover, though customers will probably have no problem finding a discount when purchasing both a cover and a net. They typically come with a 1 to 2-year warranty (at least when they come directly from the manufacturer). A 16 foot by 32 foot net is right in the middle of Doheny’s offerings in terms of price. They offer standard webbing and binding, and are protected against ultraviolet rays to be extra durable. The entire net is extremely light weight and pliable, meaning it can be placed, lifted, and store with ease. All Doheny inground pool leaf nets extend four feet beyond the dimensions of the pool (three feet for above-ground covers).

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Doheny Leaf Net User Reviews

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The Blue Wave Leaf Net functions a little differently than the Doheny model, since it sits closer to the pool cover and not at an angle. This allows it to have more load-bearing capacity as wet leaves build up and freeze over your pool. Like the Doheny, it also covers roughly 4 feet beyond the pool dimensions (in this case, 20 feet x 40 feet). At only 22 pounds, it is also light and easy to place, removed, and store. It is constructed of black fabric mesh. Like most Blue Wave models, this one enjoys a 4-year warranty. With this longer warranty (as well as smaller holes in the mesh) comes a higher price tag.

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Blue Wave Leaf Net User Reviews

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When shopping for leaf nets, there are several things to consider. What is more important at the time of purchase, a lower price or a longer-lasting product? Do you want something that will simply keep out leaves and sticks, or help bear the weight usually placed on a winter cover? Consider these questions, as well as the price of accessories like winter inter-tube weights, hooks, and straps, when making your selection.

Where To Buy Inground Pool Leaf Nets

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