Choosing Between an Outdoor vs Indoor Hot Tub: Which One Is Right for You?

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Choosing Between an Outdoor vs Indoor Hot Tub: Which One Is Right for You?

Outdoor and indoor hot tubs each come with their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Keep reading below to learn more about an outdoor and indoor hot tub and which one is right for your home.

Indoor Hot Tub

A hot tub is an exciting but important investment. The hot tub is where you’ll want to relax after a stressful day. Hot tubs are also perfect for guests and parties.

But hot tubs aren’t all fun and games. There are important hot tub features you need to consider before buying a Jacuzzi.

A buying decision that stumps homeowners are debating whether your hot tub belongs inside or outside.

You may not think this is a big deal — a hot tub is a hot tub, right? But the hot tub location determines many factors and there are pros and cons to indoor and outdoor hot tubs.

Should you get an outdoor or indoor hot tub? Read this guide and find out.

Indoor Hot Tub

Indoor hot tubs seem like the peak of luxury. You and your guests can sit in your indoor hot tub while watching TV and drinking some beverages. But indoor hot tubs come with their fair share of costs and maintenance guidelines.

The Pros

The ultimate reason to choose an indoor hot tub is to beat the cold. Even when it’s snowing, you can enjoy their warmth and relaxation, while you watch the snowflakes pile up outside!

After being outside in the cold all day, an indoor hot tub is the best way to warm up; picture blasting the heat while warming up in a luxurious hot tub.

Homeowners also love indoor hot tubs because they’re private.

There are no worries when you’re having a crazy party, you and your lover are getting heated in the hot tub or you just want some peace and quiet while all alone. You’re safe and private — your hot tub doesn’t come with a peeping tom.

And if your hot tub is in an open area, such as a desk or a back patio? Just install some blinds or a door to block out intrusive eyes and ears.

Your indoor hot tub will also save you money. Indoor hot tubs are in a climate controlled environment so you’re not constantly messing with the temperature.

Your hot tub will also be warmer. You don’t have to worry about increasing hot tub temperatures because the room is better insulated.

The Cons

The biggest issue your indoor hot tub faces is installation. Your room needs to cater to a hot tub. Risks such as leakage, mold, and rotting can occur. You need to ensure your room can handle a hot tub. For example, is the floor able to carry the weight of a tub, and do you have a waterproof area that can cope with any spills or splashes?

Another factor is making sure that your tub can be connected to indoor plumbing so that it can be filled and drained with the minimum of fuss.

Other features such as sizing need to be taken into consideration. Lots of homeowners need to extend a room or even build a new one, which is also costly. But it is worth bearing in mind that there are plenty of hot tubs that will easily fit into a small to medium sized room.

Great ventilation is also required. The spa is hot and requires chemicals — heat and fumes can clog the room. For most homes, your hot tub room just needs to have a few extra windows.

You can also choose to install a better ventilation system – often a simple ceiling or wall fan will do. Just make sure you install a quiet model so that your relaxation isn’t disturbed.

You’ll save more money on indoor hot tub maintenance, but the installation is far more expensive than an outdoor hot tub.

Outdoor Hot Tubs

Most homeowners decide to install an outdoor hot tub. The installation is easy, the overhead costs are low, and the hot tub can last for years when maintained correctly. But even an outdoor hot tub has its pros and cons.

The Pros

The main alteration you have to make is digging a hole to make room for the hot tub. However, depending on the hot tub you buy, some don’t even require a hole and can be placed straight onto a sturdy verandah or paved area. This is one of the many reasons why outdoor hot tubs are cheaper than indoor hot tubs.

You don’t have to put as much emphasis on sizing the hot tub. You even have more room to design your backyard or pool area to cater to your hot tub.

And some homeowners prefer an outdoor hot tub. They like lounging in the hot water while feeling fresh air. If you’re concerned about rain and wind, there are ways to block the weather out while enjoying your hot tub.

The Cons

The biggest issue with an outdoor hot tub is maintenance. Leaves, dirt, and debris will clog your hot tub.

This means regular maintenance is required. The initial installation is cheaper, but the maintenance requirements can get expensive if you leave your tub unattended for too long.

You may not spend as much time in an outdoor hot tub as you think. There are weather issues that prevent you from enjoying the hot tub: rain, wind, and snow are intrusive and can hinder your hot tub experience.

There are ways to block out certain weather conditions, such as light rain. When there are thunder and lightning, you have to go back inside.

Even though hot tubs heat you up, the experience isn’t satisfactory in cold weather. This is why hot tubs barely get used in the fall and winter.

There is also less privacy. Your hot tub parties can get noisy and will upset the neighbors. If you’re in a hot tub alone or with a lover, you have to worry about a peeping tom or your neighbors spying on you.

The best recommendation is installing an enclosed area for your outdoor hot tub; install some walls or a larger fence to block out annoying neighbors.

Which Should You Decide?

Ultimately, the hot tub you choose boils down to your preference. But these should be taken into consideration. There is no right or wrong answer — choose the hot tub you know you and your family will love.

Enjoy Your New Hot Tub!

Hot tubs are fun and are perfect for guests and family. But many homeowners struggle when deciding between an outdoor and an indoor hot tub.

There are pros and cons to both. All hot tubs require maintenance, costs, and other considerations before you can relax and enjoy your hot tub.

So the best decision you can make is weighing out the pros and cons of both and deciding that way. Weigh out the different installation requirements, costs, and maintenance before buying your new indoor hot tub.

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