Comparison of Hayward Variable Speed Pool Pumps to Save Energy and Money

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Hayward Variable Speed Pool Pumps

 One of the leading ways to save energy and pool bills is to replace your single speed pool pump with a variable speed pool pump. Many people who are looking to replace a broken or outdated pool pump are turning to Hayward variable speed pool pumps for this reason.

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Hayward variable speed pool pumps offer a variety of options for a pool owner to help them save quite a bit of money on their bills and ensure their pool pump is as efficient as possible. These pumps can adjust the amount of water that is flowing depending on the task at hand instead of needed to perform at maximum power every time it’s turned on. If you are looking for a Hayward pool pump variable speed, you have quite a few options available. Below are the top three options available right now.

Hayward SP3400VSP Ecostar Variable Speed Pool Pump

Hayward variable speed pool pumps
This is an energy star certified device, which means it’s going to help you save quite a bit on their energy costs. Some of the main benefits of this pool pump include the following:

  • This pump offers an advanced hydraulic design for quiet and efficient operation, especially at lower speeds.
  • A Safety Vacuum Release System (SVRS) is added to prevent suction entrapment without additional devices, wiring or other configurations being necessary.
  • The digital control interface can be rotated to four different positions or mounted separately from the pool pump. This ensures it can be easily accessed so the pool owner can track the energy consumption and make adjustments as necessary to maximize the energy savings.
  • The digital control interface is fully programmable with up to eight custom speeds to ensure maximum efficiency at all times.
  • The digital controls can be controlled by Hayward or third-party controls for ultimate convenience.
  • This pool pump offers easy debris removal and an extra capacity basket to extend the amount of time between cleanings.The Max-Flo is one of the top contenders for a variable speed pool pump and offers quite a few benefits to homeowners interested in switching to a variable speed pool pump.

Hayward SP3400VSP Ecostar Reviews:
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Hayward AP2302VSP Max-Flo Variable Speed Pool Pump

This variable speed pool pump can save a pool owner up to 80% of energy costs compared to a standard single speed pool pump. Consider the following features:

  • It features an enclosed fan-cooled motor design for the most efficiency and reliability.
  • The digital controls are programmable and the rotatable interface makes it easier to customize the speed, duration, and priming time.
  • The pool pump offers far quieter operation, especially at lower speeds when the higher speeds aren’t necessary for proper functioning.
  • The pool pump includes a see-through cover for the basket, so the pool owner can easily tell when a cleaning is necessary.
  • A new wiring compartment is included to enable faster and more reliable installations. Another energy star certified pool pump, this Hayward Ecostar variable speed inground pool pump is designed to maximize energy savings and offers the following benefits for pool owners.


Hayward SP2602VSP Super Pump Variable Speed Pool Pump

Like the above model, this one can help the homeowner save up to 80% on energy costs compared with a standard single-speed pool pump. By way of comparison:

  • The digital interface clearly shows power consumption so pool owners can adjust as necessary to save as much money as possible.
  • The pool pump features an easy to read and rotatable interface.
  • This is a great example of Hayward variable speed pool pumps, as it includes an advanced motor design for energy efficiency and better reliability.
  • A quiet operation, especially when used at lower speeds, is also available with this model.
  • The swing-away hand knobs make it easier to remove the strainer cover without tools and the see-through cover makes it easier to see when the basket requires cleaning.
  • This model also includes an extra capacity basket to reduce the amount of time required between cleanings.A new pool pump, especially when switching from a standard pump to a variable speed pump, can make quite a difference in the operation of the pool and in the costs to keep up with the pool.
  • Each Hayward pool pump eco star offers a variety of benefits for every homeowner. Take the time to compare the above pool pumps to determine which one is going to meet your needs and enable you to save as much money as possible. Compared to a standard pump, you should be able to save quite a bit when you install the new Hayward pool pump Ecostar.

Our Conclusions

Those who are interested in looking for a new pool pump to replace a broken or outdated pool pump may want to consider one of the three mentioned above. Hayward variable speed pool pumps offer the homeowner much more than their standard single speed pump and the amount that can be customized is greatly improved. There are also additional features, like the see-through baskets that can help you care for your pool properly without needing to waste time cleaning parts that don’t yet need to be cleaned.

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