The Top Hayward Pool Pump Replacement Motors

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Hayward Pool Pump Replacement Motors – The Importance of Having a Good Quality Pump Motor

Those who have an above ground pool at home need to be sure their pumps are working efficiently. When the pump is working like it should, it will clean all of the debris out of the water and leave it fresh and ready for a swim at all times. Nobody wants to deal with cleaning out small twigs and leaves from their pool when they want to go for a swim, and they won’t have to if their pump is pulling water through the filter like it should be.

However, the pump will not be able to push water through the filter if the motor is not working properly. The motor is what powers the pump and allows it to properly circulate the water. These pumps can become damaged from a number of things, which is why it’s important to replace a damaged motor with one that’s going to be reliable and durable. This is where Hayward pool pump replacement motors come into their own.

Some of the most popular replacement motors on the market are Hayward pool pump motors. A Hayward pool pump motor replacement is one of the top choices for a new motor because they are able to handle a lot more than an average motor is able to. They can run constantly and for long periods of time without sustaining any damage.

Those who are interested in these motors should check out the most popular ones so they can figure out which one is best for their particular pool. The previous one may have broken because it wasn’t powerful enough to handle the size of pool that a person has, which is a common mistake that people make with their above ground pools. These are the two most popular replacement motors for those who are in the market for Hayward pool pump parts.

Hayward SPX1607Z1M Motor Replacement For Hayward Pump, 1 HP MAXRATE MOTOR

This motor is a popular replacement choice because it can fit several different pump models. It’s also high-powered and durable, so it can be run frequently without overheating and causing problems for the pump housing.

hayward pool pump replacement motors
This particular motor will fit all of these pumps:

  • The Hayward SP4000 series, models sp4005(ns), sp4007, sp4010, sp4015, sp4020, sp4030.
  • The Hayward Super II SP3000X series, models sp3005x7, sp3007x10, sp3010x15, sp3015x20, sp3020x25, sp3025x30.
  • The Hayward Suits SuperPump series, models SP1600X5, SP1605X7, SP1607X10, SP1608X10, SP1610X15, SP1611X15, SP1615X20, SP1616X20, SP1621X25.
  • The Hayward Maxflo series, models sp2800x5, sp2805x7, sp2807x10, sp2810x15, sp2815x20.
  • If you have one of these pumps for your above ground pool and the motor has stopped working, then check out this particular motor. It will suffice for any of these pumps and also be more reliable than the one that was in it before; these particular motors can last for years before they need to be replaced–as long as the pump is maintained properly. No matter how reliable you think your motor is, be sure to keep the filter cleaned out so it isn’t straining the motor too hard.

Hayward SPX1610Z1M Maxrate Motor Replacement for Hayward Pumps, 1-1/2 HP

This motor is another one that can fit a variety of different pumps and is more powerful than the ones that were originally in them. It is a Maxrate motor replacement that can fit all of these pumps:

  • The Hayward Max-Flo Pump series, models sp1800x5, 1805×7, 1807×10, 1808×10, 1810×15, 1811×15.
  • The Hayward Northstar Pump SP4000 series, models sp4005, sp4007, sp4010, sp4015, sp4020, sp4030.
  • The Hayward Super II Pump SP3000X series, models SP3005X7, SP3007X10, SP3010X15, SP3015X20, SP3020X25, SP3025X30.

This pump weighs 25.6 pounds and is an exact fit for the aforementioned models. If your pump is one of the previously listed ones, then this motor is a perfect choice out of the available Hayward pool pump replacement motors. Be sure to find the exact model of your pump so the motor you buy is sure to fit and work properly.

Have Spare Pump Parts to Hand – Just in Case!

Many people also want to find Hayward pool pump parts that they can keep on hand just in case their current one goes bad. The longer a pool goes without a working pump, the more problems the water will develop. Algae and debris can gather in a pool very quickly, especially if someone doesn’t have a cover that can go over the pool. Nobody wants their pool to look like it’s not fit for a swim, and keeping spare parts on hand can prevent this from ever happening. Be sure to find the right Hayward pool pump motor for your particular pump – -this is the most common part that goes bad though it can be replaced quickly.


If someone is constantly having to replace their motor, then they need to figure out what they’re doing that’s causing it to break down so often. Running the pump for too long is one of the main reasons a motor will go bad. Also, neglecting to clean out the filter is another reason they break down. If the motor is trying to suck water through a filter that’s clogged, then it will overheat and eventually break. Keep that in mind if you’re looking for the right replacement motor for your pump so you can prevent from having to buy new ones every few months. But if you do get into that situation, Hayward pool pump replacement motors are a great option to consider.

Hayward Pool Pump Replacement Motors – Price Comparison

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