Hayward Pool Pump Comparison: a Look at Three of Hayward’s Aptly Named “Super Pumps”

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Hayward Super Pump – Hayward Pool Pump Comparison

Picking the pump for a given swimming pool can be one of the most significant decisions of all, which is why a Hayward pool pump comparison can be very useful to a potential purchaser. A reliable, efficient pump will cut down on maintenance, repair, and operating costs over the years, making it far easier to enjoy what a pool has to offer. A pump that makes it easy to keep up with strainer cleaning and the like will similarly improve the overall experience of pool owners, turning what could otherwise be an unpleasant chore into a routine matter.

hayward pool pump comparison
For these reasons and others, the various models of Hayward’s Super Pump series consistently top the best-seller charts. Sharing a single, smart design that emphasizes ease of ownership over fancy features, the several different single-speed Super Pumps are also widely regarded as some of the most reliable of all. This quick Hayward pool pump comparison will cover the common features that help make all of these pumps so highly regarded and will also include focused looks at the three best-selling versions.

A Family-Wide Resemblance that Reflects Proven Pool Pump Principles

While there are plenty of sleeker-looking pumps on the market, those of Hayward’s Super Pump family focus on the fundamentals. Although the series includes six different models, they can be difficult to tell apart at a glance. That is because every model is based on the same exact layout and housing, with only the motors themselves varying. Every one of these popular pumps therefore includes the same selection of features, including:

  • Transparent strainer cover
  • Convenient thumb-screw access to the strainer
  • Generously sized housing, complete with well-designed diffuser
  • Long-wearing, drip-resistant ceramic seal
  • 10-foot self-priming action
  • Composite impeller that resists corrosion, fouling, and clogs
  • Easy service of motor and other parts without disturbing installation
  • Rugged, efficient, high performance motors of various sizes

In every particular case, what that selection of features boils down to is a pump that emphasizes reliability and ease of maintenance above all else. The see-through cover that every Super Pump is equipped with makes it easy to see when cleaning is needed, and the swing-away cover fasteners make it simple to get the necessary work done.

hayward super ii pump

Good Quality Materials

Well-selected materials throughout mean that problems, like corrosion, that are common to other pumps on the market are unlikely to arise, and a modular, access-oriented design means that maintenance and fixes will be as simple as possible. The motors of the Super Pump series can even be removed and swapped while the housing remains in place, should that eventually be required. Online Hayward pool pump reviews invariably praise this basic feature set, with reviewers of all backgrounds appreciate the no-nonsense philosophy that clearly inspired these products.

Picking the Right Super Pump for a Particular Pool

Even if they all look basically the same, there are good reasons, of course, for the existence of six different Super Pump models. Although the housings are identical from one to the next, Hayward’s Super Pumps range in power from a mere half-horsepower unit to one that maxes out at a full two h.p.

Hayward Super Pump Filtering Performance

Some novice pool owners assume that equipping a pool with the largest available pump will allow for better filtering performance and backup capacity when needed. In fact, an oversized pump will tend to produce too much pressure for an appropriately specified filter to handle, while also racking up higher operating costs than one of the correct power level.

This means that it makes sense to size a pump correctly for a given pool’s volume and layout, which is exactly why Hayward offers six different models in this popular series. In most cases, in-ground pool owners will be choosing between the three most powerful units, with the least powerful of these rated for a maximum of one horsepower and the most capable unit doubling that.

Pump Housings and Mountings

As has been noted, the housings and mounting plates of these three units are entirely identical. The only difference between them, as the company notes in the manual that ships with the pumps, is a slight variation in length: the Hayward 1 hp pool pump extends 14 3/8″ from end to end, with the Hayward 2hp pool pump spanning a slightly longer 16 1/2″ and the middle pump falling right in between.


Matching Pump Capacity with Your Pool

In practice, this is unlikely to matter much, although it could make a meaningful difference in pools where pump space is particularly tight. On top of taking notice of that slight discrepancy, though, what pool owners will want to do is make use of any of the widely available online calculators that aim at matching a particular pool to a pump of a proper capacity.

Even here, there is enough leeway that being off by one model is not likely to be critical. A Hayward 1.5hp pool pump fitted to a pool that might be better served by the most powerful model might do a slightly worse job of keeping the filter fed, but will probably work well enough.

Given the versatility and well-grounded design of these pumps, owners even have the option of swapping in a motor of a different size and power rating later on. Thanks to the quality of the motors shipped with the various pumps of this series, that should rarely be necessary, but it can be a nice option to have available.

Hayward Pool Pump Comparison – Price

If you are still undecided about which pump to buy, here is a price comparison table for you to consider:


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