The Best Options for Owning a Folding Picnic Table

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The Best Options for Owning a Folding Picnic Table

Folding PIcnic Table

Have you been thinking about getting an outdoor table to complement your hot tub or swimming pool activities, but don’t want the trouble or expense of having a semi-permanent model cluttering up your backyard?

Then why not get a quality folding picnic table that you can use for parties, then store conveniently away when the fun is over?

However, it can be difficult deciding on the best option for your home. Cost, durability, size and style are just some of the folding table issues you need to consider.

And then there are a whole range of children’s picnic tables and toddler tables on the market that might suit you better if your outdoor activities are focused around the kids.

Whatever type of folding table you might be after, below is a look at some of the best – rated options to help you decide which model to choose.

Folding Picnic Table Benches

Many folding picnic tables also come as a set with folding benches. This is a great idea if you want a complete package without having to hunt around for separate chairs.

Office Star Folding Bench & Table Set



The Office Star Table and Bench Set has molded grey resin surfaces which give it a clean and functional look that won’t clash with any other outdoor furniture you might have. It may not be the most stylish model, but the users give it a good rating and it is good value at ~$160.

The main advantage of this set is that it is tough-wearing and stain proof, with surfaces that are easy to clean. It also folds up fairly flat. The folded table measures 34” x 30”, and the bench is 36” x 12”.

The main disadvantage is that there aren’t any other colour options.

Product Summary

Style:             1 folding table + 2 folding benches

Made of:       Grey Resin + powder-coated tube frames

Table Size:   72in x 30in x 29.5in high

Bench Size: 72in x 12 in

Capacity:      300 pounds

Reviews:      4.2 out of 5*


Lifetime Picnic Table


The Lifetime 22119 Picnic Table comes as a single foldable unit. With a length of 6 feet it seats up to 8 people.

Its folded dimensions are 72” x 57”, and only 4” high.

Like the Office Star table, it has a durable and functional appearance, being made of high-density polyethylene which makes for easy cleaning.

It also has a handy umbrella hole in the center of the table, with a diameter of 1.75”

The Lifetime Table is also slightly more robust than the Office Star, which explains why it costs a little bit more at around $185. Overall, a pretty good buy.

Product Summary

 Style:             1 single table and benches unit

Made of:      polyethylene

Table Size:    72” x 30”

Bench Size:   9”

Capacity:      Table – 500 pounds

Reviews:       4.1 out of 5*



Giantex Portable Folding Picnic Beer Table

One of the great things about this Giantex beer table is the wooden bench and table top which have a real natural look to them – just what you need when sipping your favorite cool beverage.

With a 500 lb carrying capacity the benches can cope with just about any fooling about that your guests might get up to. The steel legs are also useful to withstand any kicking feet underneath the table!

The table is slightly narrower at 18 inches than some models, suiting its main purpose of snacks and beverage consumption. If you would prefer a wider table suitable for eating meals, then the Giantex Portable Folding Picnic Table could be a better option for you.

Windy days won’t be a problem either with the Giantex wood table construction. The only possible downside with a wooden beer table is that you will need to re-stain the timber every so often to keep it looking smart. For most people this will be a small price to pay for that evergreen, natural look.

The Giantex beer table also has a good customer rating – 4.2 out of 5 stars from 58 reviews suggest most people have been satisfied with their purchase. And at a price of around $125, it is definitely an affordable outdoor setting.

Product Summary:

Style:             1 folding table + 2 folding benches

Made of:       Iron frame with wood surfaces (Chinese Fir)

Table Size:   72in x 18in x 29.5in high

Bench Size: 70in x 9in x 18in high

Bench Capacity:     500 pounds

Reviews:      4.2 out of 5*


Children’s Picnic Table

Not surprisingly, children often want their own picnic table away from the adults, and sometimes their parents do too so they can have an adult conversation!

There are practical reasons for getting a kid’s picnic table too, not the least of which is that adult tables are often too big for small children to use safely and effectively.

The Lifetime 280094 Kid’s Picnic Table offers a useful way to solve these issues. It consists of a single piece foldable unit that seats up to 4 small children for eating meals. If they wanted to use it for homework or drawing, it would probably be best suited to 2 children.

Like many outdoor settings it is made of durable and easily washable material so that those food and crayon stains can be quickly removed.


Product Summary

Style:             Single unit, white

Made of:      High-density Polyethylene

Table Size:    32.5”

Capacity:      2 to 4

Reviews:       4.8 out of 5*

Picnic Table for Toddler


Little Tikes Picnic Table

The Little Tikes brand offers a wide range of picnic tables for young kiddies in the 2 to 8 year old. The tables have a fun and funky look that will appeal to most children’s desire for a bit of excitement. They are also built to be hard-wearing, which is perfect for parents who want outdoor furniture requiring minimal maintenance.

Below are two of the top-rated ‘toddler picnic table’ options.

Little Tikes Fold ‘n Store Picnic Table with Market Umbrella

The Little Tikes Fold ‘n Store Table comes with its own umbrella (and center hole), which is a really good move if your small children are going to be sitting out in an open area. The umbrella gives a coverage of about 5 feet across, which is adequate for a model like this. If you require any more shade, it may be better to position the table under a wider awning, or similar.

The Little Tikes table seats 6 children quite comfortably and has a smart look that both children and parents will appreciate. With a weight of only 35.5 pounds assembled, moving it around the backyard won’t be a problem, either. However, in windy areas it would be useful to consider some kind of tie-down arrangement to remove any possibility of the table being moved around.

 Product Summary 

Table + Bench Size:           47.5 x 47.5 x 20.5 inches (overall dimensions

Bench Size:   Seats are 11.5” high

Capacity:      200 pounds per bench (ok for most adults)

Reviews:       4.1 out of 5*

Click Here for the Little Tikes Fold ‘n Store

Little Tikes Easy Store Picnic Table with Umbrella


The Little Tikes Easy Store model is a junior foldable version of the ‘Fold ‘n Store’ option describe above, and at around $70 is very affordable. Instead of benches positioned all around the table, it has one on either side.

The Easy Store table can seat up to 6 children, but 4 would be more comfortable. It has a great look, with rounded corners, umbrella. There is also an added bonus of 2 cup holders and a tray that could hold snacks, pencils or whatever else comes to mind.

Designed for those wanting a quick and easy setup, no tools are required. This means you can also fold it up for storage very easily. Users also report that it is easy to clean.

 Product Summary


Table Size:    42” long by 38” wide (including seats) by 19.75” high

Capacity:      200 pounds per bench

Reviews:       4.7 out of 5*



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