9 Decoration and Design Techniques For Your Above Ground Swimming Pool

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 Above Ground Swimming Pool Design Techniques

above ground swimming pool

So you’ve finally decided to invest in one of the many above ground swimming pools on the market.

What better way to enjoy the summer sun with your family than with above ground swimming pools?

Buying an above ground swimming pool offers many advantages over an in-ground pool. An in-ground pool can cost you exponentially more than an above ground pool. If you’re working on a budget, an above ground pool is definitely the way to go.

Additionally, most above ground pools can be put together by almost anybody. This is not the case with in ground pools, which will require professional installation.

If your back yard is on the smaller side, an above ground pool is the way to go. In-ground pools take up way more space and are not suitable for small back yards.

Don’t want to spend a lot of time and money on pool maintenance? An above ground pool is definitely the right choice. In-ground pools have a lot of complicated drains that need a lot of regular care.

So it seems that above ground swimming pools may be the right choice for you.

But there’s one problem: how do you integrate the design of your backyard with a new above ground swimming pool? On the surface, they are not visually appealing. Some might even say they are an eye-sore.

But they don’t have to be.

Following are 9 highly attractive design techniques for above ground swimming pools that will make your backyard the envy of the neighborhood.

Connect with a Deck

Building a deck around above ground swimming pools is a great way to incorporate them into your back yard.

This allows you to enjoy functionality and style while also giving you a great place to soak in those hot summer rays.

Your kids will love having a new deck in the back yard to store all of their toys and floaty devices. You’ll love it because it looks sleek and hides the not-so-attractive parts of your above ground swimming pool.

Consider connecting the deck to your house to make your pool feel like another room of your house waiting to be enjoyed.

This will take some planning, but the end result will be worth it.

Completely Enclose Above Ground Swimming Pools

Through some strategic planning, you should be able to completely enclose your above ground pool with decking.

Want to make your above ground pool feel like an in ground pool? Build a deck that completely encapsulates it. Make the deck large enough to include a table and chairs, as well as several other sitting areas.

You’ll quickly forget that this is an above ground pool and your backyard will be this year’s neighborhood rock star.

Fence in Your Swimming Pool’s Deck

What better way to make your pool the back yard feature than fencing it in?

This goes above and beyond the idea of enclosing your pool in a deck. This deck will also include an attractive fence all around it. Imagine your yard with a glowing white fence surrounding the entire pool. Picture a beautiful white swinging door as an entryway.

Can you think of a better way to showcase your new back yard feature?

Next, surround the bottom side of the pool with bushes and flowers for a relaxing and inviting look.

Incorporate a Retractable Pool Cover

Not only will this save you time and headaches on pool maintenance, but it will leave your pool well cared for.

Cleaning debris out of your pool can seem like a full-time job. By incorporating a retractable pool cover, you will save yourself hours of time while keeping your pool looking neat and presentable.

Are your friends stopping by for an unexpected swim? Your retractable pool cover will leave you pool warm and ready to use in an instant.

Can’t Completely Enclose Your Above Ground Swimming Pool in Your Back Yard? Add a Walkway

Maybe your back yard or financial resources don’t allow you to enclose an above ground swimming pool.

No problem.

Consider adding a walkway from your back door to the pool. This will make a very clean intersection from your house to your pool.

You and your kids will love being able to walk straight out of the back door and dive right into the pool. Additionally, this will keep unneeded dirt out of your house while keeping everybody entertained.

Bricks are a great way to add a walkway from your house to the pool. Add additional landscaping to the walkway with flowers and bushes lining the outside of it.

Multi-Level Surrounding Deck

This design technique is known as a “San Antonio Deck Surround”.

Imagine your above ground swimming pool completely surrounded by flagstone, with a multi-level wooden deck built around it.

The great thing about this design idea is that the deck serves two purposes. First, a surrounding step-up approach to the pool. Secondly, it can also be used for casual seating whether or not the pool is in use.

Wood decking is always soft on delicate bare feet. Plus, the flagstone surround can be used for additional tables, chairs, grills or even a dry bar.

The “Doughboy” Pool Deck

Want your backyard to look like a private resort? Consider the Doughboy pool deck design.

Remember your last trip to the Caribbean? Who wouldn’t. The ocean and immaculate pools are enough to take your breath away. With the Doughboy design, you can turn your own backyard into an at-home replica of those sunny days and breezy nights.

Start by creating a rectangular shape around the underside of your above ground pool. Use pavers outside of the sectioned-off area to create an inviting entrance. Next, pour rocks underneath the pool inside of the sectioned off area. Light colored rocks look best for this design technique.

Plant some flowers or bushes around the perimeter of the sectioned off area, or use potted plants if you prefer.

The deck surrounding these above ground pools should be rectangular in shape and match the size of the sectioned off area below it. This gives the effect of a large rectangular pool even though the actual pool is oval.

Make sure that the staircase entryway is in the best possible position so it’s easy to climb up onto the deck and get into the pool.

You’ll have plenty of room to put a table and chairs alongside the pool. You can also have additional seating or tables on the pavers below it.

This design is great for entertaining large groups of people, or for those fun family Saturday afternoons.

Add a Garden Around Your Pool

What could be more inviting than a lush garden of greenery surrounding above ground swimming pools?

Spend some time picking out your favorite flowers, bushes, and ferns. Then strategically plant them around the pool’s perimeter for an unforgettable look.

You’ll feel like you’re walking into a backyard oasis!

Don’t Forget the Outdoor Lighting In and Around Above Ground Swimming Pools

Remember, you’re not just going to be using above ground swimming pools during the day. There’s nothing better than taking a long dip under the moonlight!

Proper outdoor lighting around your pool will make you look forward to your night time swims while you’re sitting in that dingy work cubicle during the day.

Lighting also serves as an added safety measure to make sure that nobody gets injured coming in and out of the pool in the dark.

Here are some things you need to know before you add lighting to your pool:

Stay Safe

Make sure all lights are properly grounded. There have been many cases of accidental electrocution due to improper pool lighting techniques. Un-grounded lighting is the main cause.

Make sure no wires are to be left exposed. Ever.

Install Circuit Breakers

All lights need to be protected by GFCIs (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters). These breakers cut off electrical current when the current varies in any way. If something bad happens in or around the water, you’ll still feel a shock but you won’t be electrocuted.

Take Care

Keep up with regular lighting maintenance. This is especially important for underwater lighting. The chemicals you use in your pool are very corrosive and can weaken screws and fixtures. Take a look at your underwater lighting on a monthly basis. Be sure to replace and screws or fixtures as needed.

Be Aware

Only use lights that are safe around water. If the lighting you use is not certified water-safe you’re asking for problems. Even if the lighting isn’t going to be submerged in water, it’ll still be very close to water. Only use water-safe lighting in or around your pool.


Purchasing above ground swimming pools makes sense financially and (as you now see) aesthetically.

All it takes to make your backyard above ground pool the envy of the neighborhood is a good design and a little imagination.

Make your backyard the most popular room in the house this year by choosing the design technique for outdoor swimming pools that works best for you and your family.

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