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Year in Review: The Best Hot Tubs of 2018

Year in Review: The Best Hot Tubs of 2018

best hot tubs

Picture this: you’re sore, tired, and chilled to the bone. You make yourself a nice drink, put on your swimsuit, and sink into the frothy and relaxing warm water of a hot tub. You feel your tension melting away in the water, the pounding of the jets pulsing out any knots, and you close your eyes in contentment.

Does that sound like heaven on Earth to you? Then it’s time to invest in a hot tub.

And if you’re going to buy a hot tub, why not go for the best? The best hot tubs will be high quality, relaxing, and worth your money. Keep reading to learn more about our top hot tub picks from this past year.

Best Inflatable Hot Tub: Coleman Lay-Z Spa

If you aren’t ready to take the plunge and buy an expensive and large hot tub that doesn’t move once it’s installed, you can buy an inflatable or portable hot tub instead. One of the best inflatable hot tubs out there is the Coleman Lay-Z spa.

It’s affordable, well-made, and the company provides excellent customer service. The tub itself comes with all the materials you need to set it up; it can be completely set up in 30 minutes. The instructions are clear and easy to follow, which means you won’t be struggling to get it up and running.

It can fit 3-6 adults (depends on the size of the people in the tub). The max heat setting is 104 degrees and will heat up water at about 2-4 degrees F per hour.

The bubbles and jets are surprisingly powerful for an affordable and inflatable spa. However, the bubbles don’t match up to a classic hot tub’s jets. If that’s important to you, consider upgrading to a different hot tub on this list.

Overall, this is a great inflatable option that will give you relaxing bubbles, ample space, and a convenient and easy set-up.

Best Plug and Play Hot Tub: Hudson Bay Spa XP34

Speaking of ease of use, plug and play hot tubs make set-up and maintenance easy. Consider the Hudson Bay 6 Person plug and play option for a smooth and amazing hot tub experience.

Hudson Bay is known for high-end hot tubs, and this one is no exception. You get all the benefits of a higher end hot tub (better quality jets, amazing aesthetic, great customer service, etc) with the ease and simplicity of a plug and play tub.

You’ll get all of the following features:

  • Built-in waterfall
  • Underwater multicolor LED lights
  • Simple controls
  • 13 specialized hydrotherapy jets
  • Energy-saving mode
  • Storage space

It comes with a 5-year warranty to keep it working for years to come.

Best Hot Tubs for 2-3 People

We don’t all want to hold hot tub parties. Here are our top picks for smaller tubs.

2-Person: AquaRest Spas AR-300

Another high-quality brand, this 2-person AquaRest tub gives you a true spa-like experience. It’s perfect for both relaxation and hydrotherapy with 14 user-controlled jets, back support, 9 LED light settings and strong water pressure. The jets are specially placed to target key pressure points on your body.

Its filtration system and plug and play set-up make it easy to both setup and maintain.

3-Person: QCA Spas Riviera Hot Tub

3-person tubs aren’t as common as 2-person or 4+ person tubs; by far your best option is the QCA Spas Riviera hot tub. It’s the perfect combination of big enough to hold 3 people and small enough to still make sense for those looking for smaller tubs.

With 36 jets, plug and play setup, and top of the line energy efficiency, this is a great 3-person tub option.

Best Larger Hot Tubs 

Looking for a tub for your whole family? Or perhaps you want to be able to invite people over to enjoy your newest purchase.

Whatever the case, these large hot tubs are the best you can buy. The next 2 hot tubs we’re going to discuss are all LifeSmart brand for a reason: it’s a well-known company that makes an excellent product.

4-Person: LifeSmart Spas Simplicity DLX 4-Person

This 4-person LifeSmart option looks and feels luxurious. The light brown sandstone colorway makes it feel like it came right out of a high-end spa. This also makes it easier to clean and maintain compared to the common white color option.

The tub itself has 20 jets and a built-in water heater to make heating a more streamlined process. The heater is also energy efficient, using the hot tub’s water pump to generate energy to heat the water.

That along with the customizable LED lighting and the easy setup make this one of the best hot tubs available.

5+ Person: LifeSmart 600DX 7-Person Rock Solid Spa

This huge tub has a whopping 65 jets designed to provide the best hydrotherapy possible. You can fit 7 people into this spa, and no one will complain they don’t have access to the powerful jets.

Similar to the DLX we just went over, this LifeSmart option also has a built-in system that controls energy usage to provide an energy efficient and well-managed hot tub.

Best General Option: LifeSmart 600DX Rock Solid Spa

In terms of overall value, power, energy management, and capacity, the LifeSmart 600DX is the clear winner. Whether you want to spend a night relaxing alone or you want to invite your friends over for some fun relaxation time, the 600DX is a great option.

The look of this guy is also top-notch: a brown exterior with the white interior gives it a classic hot tub look while combining that with modern and energy saving technology.

With a minimal need for chlorine (it’s an ozone water system), energy efficiency, and safety features galore, you can relax in this guy every night without ruining your skin or having your energy bill skyrocket.

Different Needs, Different Tubs

This is by no means a comprehensive list. You’ll need to consider your budget, your specific needs, the number of people, your experience in maintaining hot tubs, and more.

But these are, in our opinion, the best hot tubs to choose from. Consider all of the things we mentioned, look at online reviews, and choose carefully.

Do you have a pretty good idea of which one you want? Great! Now you have to decide where to put it. Check out this article for tips on hot tub placement.