Best Robotic Pool Cleaner & Pool Vacuum – How To Enjoy Pool Cleaning!

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Best Robotic Pool Cleaner – We Help You Choose The Right Model For Your Pool & Budget

Are you wondering what is the best robotic pool cleaner? Then you will already know that swimming pool owners everywhere agree – cleaning the swimming pool is the most dreaded and least anticipated aspect of owning a swimming pool. No matter what type of swimming pool you own, above ground or in-ground, freshwater or saltwater, rectangular, round or free-form, they all catch debris, develop scum, and even algae.

best robotic pool cleaner

Not so long ago, the best pool cleaner one could have was an eager teenager willing to exchange a few hours skimming and scrubbing the pool liner for the opportunity to play in the pool.

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Sure, pools have filtration systems, but a filtration system does not equate to a cleaning system. Pool filters do not clean the sides, bottom and waterline of the pool, although they do suck up the debris loosened by the traditional brushes. Think telescopic poles with wide brush head attachments attached to a heavy duty vacuum hose. The pool vacuum hose is usually 35, 50 or 75-feet in length and attached to the pool’s main filtration system. So that teenager you bartered with to clean the pool will probably spend 2 to 3 hours, maybe more depending on how large the pool is, to get it sparkling clean.

These days, a better option is to treat yourself to one of the best robotic pool cleaners on the market – in our view, the Dolphin Nautilus Robotic Pool Cleaner could be just what you need!

Best Robotic Pool Cleaner

A better choice for everyone would be having the best robotic pool cleaner or pool vacuum available to do the work for you (or the teenager). The precursor to today’s robotic pool cleaner was invented in the early 1970’s, but it has not been until the last two decades where the most advancement has occurred. There are three types of automated swimming pool cleaners: suction-side, pressure-side and the electric robot. The first two types are dependent on the swimming pool’s main pump and filtration system to handle the removal or debris and contaminants. The third type is what this article is all about.

Dolphin Automatic Pool Cleaner – Main Features

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Electric or robotic pool cleaners like the dolphin automatic pool cleaner, are designed to work independently of the swimming pool’s filtration system and main pump by using their own source of electricity. This consists of a transformer kept at a distance of at least 10-feet from the pool’s water. Equipped with two motors, one that draws water in through a filter bag and then expels the filtered water back into the pool.

The other motor is the drive motor that is connected to synthetic tracks and brushes. Two brushes, located at the front and rear, help to remove debris from the pool’s walls, floor, and depending on the design, the pool steps.

A unique feature of robotic pool cleaners is their ability to avoid obstacles and imitate human cleaning. An internal microchip turns the cleaner on and off and reverses the direction of the machine when it bumps into a wall or breaches the water’s surface when climbing up the walls.

A delay feature is also important as it saves energy and improves cleaning. After a given number of cycles, the unit will turn off allowing particles to settle at the bottom of the pool, it will then turn on and begin its cleaning cycle again. Being completely self-contained, robotic pool cleaners are equipped with either filter bags or cartridges, that can be emptied later. The filters used are able to remove particulate as small as 2 microns – better than many swimming pool filters. By trapping debris in its own system, robotic pool cleaners reduce the workload on the pool’s filtration system.

Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaner Reviews:

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Benefits of Robotic Pool Cleaners

The best robotic pool cleaner also helps reduce pool water evaporation, help maintains a consistent water temperature and help mix the pools chemicals. This is due to the high volume pumps used by the robotic cleaners that can circulate almost 5000 gallons of water and hour. It is possible that this also reduces the workload of the swimming pool’s filtration system, thereby saving maintenance and energy costs.

Other advantages of robotic pool cleaners are their ability to learn the contours of the pool. This, in turn, increases their cleaning efficiency. Many models have a default cleaning time of 3 hours however this can be changed to whatever the pool owner deems is necessary. The patented swivel cable is designed in such a way that it never tangles. The standard length cable is 50 feet but some units such as the Dolphin Robotic sport a 60-foot cable. A note of caution is to remember to remove the swimming pool’s thermometer as the unit can get tangled in the line holding the thermometer.

Potential Drawbacks of Robotic Cleaners

The potential drawbacks of the best robotic pool cleaners for some pool owners may be the initial cost of the unit and for any repairs that might be needed. After all, these are electronic machines with on-board computer chips. The unit can be heavy but not so much that the average person cannot handle. It may release a small amount of debris when being pulled out of the water. Carefully review warranties as some manufacturers prorate the warranty based on the number of uses per season.

Items not typically included with the unit but can be purchased as accessories are a caddy cart, useful for storage of the power supply, cleaners, and cord. Replacement filters which are recommended to be changed at least seasonally and spring cleaning filters which are coarse filter cartridges used to contain large amounts of heavy debris typically encountered upon opening the pool for the season. It is also recommended to not leave the unit sitting outside exposed to the sun for long periods so storing it in a shed or cabinet is best.

Our Conclusions About the Dolphin

The Dolphin Nautilus is a best seller in Amazon, and there is one very good reason for that – it is a quality product that does the job it is expected to do. We therefore have no trouble in recommending it.

Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaner Sale:

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