Check Out the Best Portable Hot Tubs of 2018

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Check Out the Best Portable Hot Tubs of 2018

Best Portble Hot Tub

Do you have an empty space in your property? Not sure what to add in for flair and function?

Why not opt for a hot tub? Believe it or not, around 7.2 million people own one.

It’s that popular! It helps fill the empty space and can provide fun for the family.

However, deciding on a hot tub is a big decision for most people. It will be where you decide to have it installed for a long time. More often than not, people are not ready for such a permanent addition.

Portable hot tubs are the solution if you’re having that kind of dilemma. The best portable hot tub for you should be cheap and easy to move when needed.

Check out our list below to help you pick out which portable hot tub is the best for you.

1. Coleman Portable Inflatable Spa

The Coleman Portable Inflatable Spa is big enough to hold up to 4 people. This model features a digital pump that you can control with ease. You can do this with the soft touch control panel it has.

It has 2 handles along its side as well. This makes it easy for you to move it around provided it’s emptied first. The outer walls of this hot tub are also made from a soft fabric material. This helps protect the hot tub from popping should an accident happen.

You don’t have to worry about the water getting dirty with this hot tub. The Coleman has 2 filter cartridges that make sure your spa water always stays clean and clear. You will only need to replace them every once in a while.

2. Coleman SaluSpa Inflatable Hot Tub

The best inflatable hot tub today, the Coleman SaluSpa can hold up to 254 gallons of water along with 4 to 6 people inside it.

With a setup procedure so simple that you can do it yourself, it only takes you 15 minutes to complete the setup and enjoy your hot water of up to 40?C.

The Coleman SaluSpa also has a digital control panel that makes it easier for you to adjust your settings even with wet hands.

This hot tub’s pump and heater also run quiet, allowing you to enjoy while letting your neighbors have a peaceful time. Once you’re done, you can release the water with Coleman’s built-in drain. This lets you pack this up quick and easy.

However, this model only has one option for the bubbles. So, unless you prefer strong jet settings, you should consider something else on the list.

3. Intex PureSpa Portable Bubble Massage Spa Set

This 77-inch portable jacuzzi can hold up to 210 gallons of water. The water then passes through a built-in hard water treatment system. This helps prevent the buildup of limescale, making the water feel soothing for your skin.

Its 120 high-power jets make sure that you have a massage-like experience every time you get in. You can also invite up to 3 other people to share with the relaxing experience.

The Intex PureSpa also comes with an insulating cover. This doesn’t only make sure your water stays heated, it also prevents accidents involving children, and prevents contaminants like leaves and the sort from entering the pool much like pool covers do.

Intex PureSpa also comes in an 88-inch variant. This is perfect for when you intend on having more people over.

This product comes with its own water maintenance kit. Also, the Intex comes with its own carry bag. This makes it easier for you to carry it around if you have plans to bring it to another location.

4. MSPA Lite Alpine Square Relaxation and Hydrotherapy Outdoor Spa

The MSPA Alpine is one the most stylish modern hot tubs today. It features an easy-to-understand control panel. This shows you a myriad of options including ones offering quick customization for your session.

Up to 4 people can occupy this hot tub and it can hold up to 171 gallons of water. It can heat up the water up to 40?C. This is right around the Goldilocks range for optimal water heat.

However, the temperature rises at a rather slow pace. So, be sure to heat up this hot tub in advance if you plan on using it.

Laminated PVC material covers the inside of the pool. This toxic-free makes the interior durable from physical and chemical damages. Meanwhile, 6 layers of the same material coat the exterior of this hot tub. This makes it more than capable of handling small accidents.

You can also integrate the MSPA Lite Alpine to any outdoor design with its modern stylish look. This feature makes it the best hot tub if you want to make your backyard aesthetic.

5. GoPlus Inflatable Outdoor Spa

A newcomer in the hot tub market, the GoPlus hot tub is smaller than other hot tubs on the market. This makes it easier to set up and pack up than all the other inflatable hot tubs.

It has a soft-touch control panel designed to let new users understand how to control it with ease. It also has a built-in water treatment feature. This helps the hot tub treat any kind of untainted water with ease.

There is no need to worry about losing heat with this hot tub. It has a unique fabric coated exterior. This helps the hot tub retain much of the heat for a longer period of time compared to other tubs.

Maintenance with the GoPlus hot tub is not a problem with its filter cartridges being easy to replace. The tub comes with extra snap-off cartridges. This makes sure that you can enjoy soft, spa-like water for a longer period.

The GoPlus hot tub also comes with a complete accessory kit when purchased. This allows you to have an even easier time maintaining the condition of your hot tub. That said, the GoPlus is still somewhat new, so expect that it will be hard to get a hold of extra cartridges in stores.

Get the Best Portable Hot Tub Now

Don’t have space for a permanent hot tub? Then pick out which is the best portable hot tub for you from our list now! No need to worry about taking up space with them, you’ll only need to set it up when you want to have a spa-like experience.

If you liked our list and found it helpful, then come on down to our website! We have more lists and guides for you. This one helps you choose between outdoor vs indoor hot tubs.

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