Best Pool Heaters Above Ground Pools

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Best Pool Heaters Above Ground Pools – Here Are Some Great Options To Consider When Looking At Pool Heating

Imagine adding more time to the swim season and being able to enjoy the benefits of owning a pool in climates that tend to be cooler during the height of the summer season. Good quality heating systems allow owners to capture the sun’s energy without adding to their electric or gas bills. Using the best pool heaters above ground pools can extend the duration of swim time people have in their private swimming pools, and you too can benefit from installing such a system.

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Benefits To Owning A Pool

One apparent advantage of owning a private pool is that people can decide when they want to start the swim season. Public recreation areas follow the Memorial Day to Labor Day schedule; while this works for many, the ‘lead up’ time to the opening of the pool season can also give private pool owners a chance to set their pools up sooner.

best pool heaters above ground pools

Having the best pool heaters above ground pools can make a pool owner the most popular person on their block, as it allows them to extend the season into cooler periods. Another obvious advantage is the cost savings over time. Pool heaters can pay for themselves in just one season, which is very helpful to those who are on the fence about purchasing pool heaters above ground pools.

Benefits of Solar Pool Heaters

In areas where temperatures tend to be cooler during the summer months, these heaters can make using the pool more enjoyable, and bring the water temperature up quickly just using the solar energy from the sun. Let’s not forget that  the biggest benefit these solar heating systems is that they do not draw on your standard mains electricity supply.


Types of Above Ground Heaters

There are multiple types of swimming pool heaters above ground pools on the market, and each can be used with different kinds of pools. Purchasing the right one can make all the difference in how much more use, customers will extend out the swimming season. Above ground pools will heat quicker than an inground pool because they are not surrounded by the earth.

The deeper an inground pool is, the harder it is to warm all the way through; a larger heating system may be required or multiple systems to get the warmth level desired. A 4′ X 20′ foot above ground pool heating system can raise the water temperature by nine degrees Fahrenheit, adding more solar panels can achieve a rise in temperature by almost 20 degrees. This makes them ideal for those who live in more northern areas of the United States and have shorter summers. These heaters connect to the pump and filter system to send the water through the tubes to heat the water by the Sun’s energy.

A good example of this type of pool heater is the SunQuest 4` x 20` Solar Pool Panel System.

Another good quality example is Doheny’s 4′ x 20′ Above Ground Pool Solar Heating System.

Here is a quick comparison of these 2 heaters:

SunQuest 4` x 20` Solar Pool Panel System Reviews:

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Doheny’s Above Ground Pool Solar Heating System 4′ x 20′ (Two 2×20) with Hardware Reviews:

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The only real disadvantage when looking at the best pool heaters above ground pools is that these systems have to be disconnected at the end of the season, to ensure the tubes do not break. The freezing temperatures of winter can cause the water inside to crack the cells, and damage the system. Many people have purchased cheap pool heaters above ground pools only to find that they do not last more than one season, causing consumers to have to spend more buying a new system the next year.

These less expensive systems seem like a good idea when researching heating systems, but the amount spent replacing them every year can cost as much if not more than going to a higher priced system from the beginning. And customers find that the system is only cheaper to buy because they do not come with all the necessary parts to assemble the unit. This means that the cost of buying them, in the end, is greater than if they had purchased a more durable system at the start.

Best Pool Heaters Above Ground Pools Care and Maintenance

Care and maintenance are essential to any system that is bought and will clearly determine how long it lasts. Following the installation directions should help you to get the maximum use out of any pool heaters above ground pools. Another reason pool heaters above ground pools can be cheap is that you will need a separate purchase for the connecting parts.

Buying the right type of system and parts for the pool is important. Some larger above ground pools may require multiple units to work efficiently, and some are sold without the assembly parts needed to connect them. Some customers have found that they have had to modify the system to fit the filter and pump to work properly, so making sure to purchase the right system is crucial to heating a pool properly. These pool heaters above ground pools systems are made of PVC piping and are easily fixed if they should become cracked and start leaking. Repair kits are available and do not require a technician to do the repair. This means that pool owners can replace and assemble with clear and easy to read instructions.

Heating systems for both above and inground pools can be purchased from various retailers and come with a guarantee on the parts. Those who are needing more information or are just not sure which system is right for their pool should go through a Pool Supply company like Doheny’s Pool Supplies, they can guide customers to the exact system they need at a price that fits the client’s budget. They also carry a large selection of other pool maintenance and care supplies to keep the water clear and enjoyable all season long.

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