Will A Soft Hot Tub Suit Your Needs? – Find Out Here!

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 Soft Hot Tub – What A Great Way To Relax!

One of the ways many people choose to relax is by taking a nice, long soak in a hot tub. This can be a fantastic way to relax, but many people who don’t own a hot tub are hesitant to purchase them. They may have quite a few questions about the comfort, ease to install, repairs needed and more. By reading the information below, you can find out more about soft hot tubs and get the answers you need to determine if purchasing a soft hot tub is the right move for you.

How Big Are the Soft Tubs?

Soft-sided hot tubs are typically a little bit smaller than standard hot tubs, so they won’t fit quite as many people. However, they are still spacious enough to fit three or four people comfortably. They’re perfect for a single person or a couple who wants to relax after a long day at work or to soak in as they enjoy the sun on a warm day off.

As a bonus, since they are typically smaller than a standard hot tub they’re going to take up less room in the backyard. They can also be drained and stored easily, making more room in the backyard for a party or for the kids to play.

Are They Really Comfortable and Relaxing?

They are usually incredibly comfortable, especially if they are cared for properly. While they might not come with all of the bells and whistles a standard hot tub has, they do have jets and benches so a person can relax while the warm water bubbles around them. Many also include a thermometer so you can control the temperature and ensure it’s the exactly the right temperature for your needs. Most people find them incredibly comfortable and enjoy the hot tub and all of the benefits it provides over a standard hot tub, even without fancy jets.

How Easy is it to Fill Them?

A soft style hot tub doesn’t hold as much water as a standard hot tub so they can be filled quickly. They are typically easy to install and uninstall, depending on the homeowner’s needs, and can be filled quickly if you want to go in the tub for a short session at the end of the day or want to get it ready for a day of relaxation. As long as you have access to water and electricity, you can easily install and fill a hot tub just about anywhere.

What Maintenance is Going to Be Needed?

When the hot tub is first used it should be filled carefully to prevent wrinkles. Once it has been filled, there are a few chemicals that need to be added to keep the water clean. In fact, using too many chemicals can stain the inside liner. It should be cleaned carefully and dried thoroughly before being stored so it doesn’t produce mold or mildew. Make sure any sharp objects are removed from the area before installing it to ensure it won’t get punctured and deflate. Also remember that you will need to set it up on a level surface to make sure it is stable and safe to use.

Will They Need Repairs and Are Repairs Easy?

Since the walls are soft, there is a possibility that there may be a hole in the outer wall or liner at some point. It’s typically very easy to repair these holes and many tubs come with a repair or patch kit when they’re purchased. Further supplies needed to repair the soft hot tub can usually be purchased by the manufacturer or a generic kit can be used. The repair kits are going to include all of the information you will need to find and fix any holes.

What Do Others Have to Say About The Soft Hot Tub Option?

Although the soft side hot tub may not have as many bells and whistles as ‘fixed’ models, the fact is that many people prefer their portability and ease of use. Quite a few soft hot tub reviews reveal that these are a less expensive option for a hot tub and can even be enjoyed by people who rent and will need to take it with them when they leave,  or by those who want an easy way to store a hot tub in the winter when it isn’t being used.

Overall, the soft side hot tub reviews are positive and show that it can be a fantastic option for someone who wants a hot tub without the huge expense or permanent loss of backyard space that other types of hot tub can entail.

Our Conclusions

Soft-sided hot tubs are a great way to have a way to relax without having to make a lot of room in the backyard or wonder about what to do with the tub when it’s winter. They can easily be drained and taken with the owner anywhere as long as there is electricity and water to fill and run the hot tub. Take a look at some of the options today if you’d like a less expensive way to relax and enjoy being outside. A soft hot tub may just be the perfect option for your situation and budget!


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