Consider A Plug and Play Hot Tub for A Great Relaxation Session!

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 Plug and Play Hot Tub Choices

Hot tubs serve many purposes for families who decide to purchase them. Some families purchase hot tubs for relaxation and enjoyment. Others purchase hot tubs for pain relief or as a way to relieve stress and anxiety. Some people find that sitting in a hot tub every evening helps them sleep better during the night. Some couples find that sitting in the hot tub together helps them improve their relationship by giving them a relaxing place to talk. Whatever the reason, a plug and play hot tub could be just what you are looking for!

What Is A Plug And Play Hot Tub?

A ‘Plug and Play’ hot tub is one which can be literally plugged straight into an existing power outlet; in other words it can be used at any convenient location in your home or property – in fact anywhere where you have access to 110V power.

This type of hot tub is a great advantage over a standard tub, as these often require an expensive electrical upgrade to run them properly.


Choosing The Correct Plug And Play Hot Tub

There are many different types of hot tubs and related products such as portable spas, swim spas, gazebos, and saunas. Each serves a slightly different purpose and has different specifications and installation requirements. For the best hot tub or spa experience take the time to choose the correct unit for your needs. For example, a single person who does not entertain much does not need a plug and play hot tub like the family-sized Winnipeg hot tub, which can accommodate five people.

Conversely, a family of five, or a couple who likes to share their hot tub with friends will not be happy with a small plug n play hot tub such as the Yukon hot tub meant for two adults. This model would be much more suited to the single person or couple who prefer to relax in private. A large family would also not be happy with the Quebec portable spa that only fits three adults; but again, for a couple this could be a great choice.

plug and play hot tub
There are portable hot tubs for people who are renting their living space and need a hot tub that they can easily move around with them. These hot tubs also work well for people who do not have the space or a large enough garden to have the hot tub set up all the time. Since these spas need to be inflated and filled with water every time they are going to be used, someone who has space for a more permanent model may prefer that option.

What Hot Tub Shapes Are Available?

There are round, rectangular, and square plug and play hot tubs to choose from. Everyone has their own preferences. The plug and play hot tub in a round shape lets everyone face each other, which is great for conversation, but each person has less personal space.The round shape is often chosen for portable and inflatable hot tubs. Rectangular hot tubs may not hold as many people, but each person has more support and more personal space. Square or nearly square hot tubs will hold more people, with more personal space.

Advantages Of Permanent Hot Tubs

Hot tubs that are permanently installed may have a longer life and are sturdier. They offer more features and can come in bigger sizes. The Winnipeg hot tub is full family sized and ready to be installed in a permanent setting. It offers features such as LED lighting, 35 hydro stainless steel massage water jets, a Two HP, two-speed pump and powerful heater.

This hot tub is built to plug directly into a 13 Amp European or 15 Amp North American socket. Water can be left in these hot tubs with the heater running on low. There are insulated hot tub covers that keep the water clean and warm, even in mid-winter. Remember that permanent spas arrive as a full-size unit and need more room to deliver and install.

Advantages of Plug & Play Hot Tubs

Although plug and play models are typically smaller and take longer to heat than permanent tubs, they offer a number of significant advantages over the latter type. For example, if you are renting, you can easily transport your tub from property to property using a trailer or van, and you won’t need to do any property modifications to use it. You can also take a plug and play tub away with you on camping trips or vacations – in fact anywhere you have access to a power socket and a level surface.


Portable and Inflatable Hot Tub Choices

Portable or inflatable hot tubs can be easily stored in-between uses if there is not space to leave them set up. The inflatable hot tub can be taken to a new location. Some models of inflatable and portable spas are the Muskoka, the Rio Grande, and the Grand Rapids. Inflatable spas will fit almost anywhere.

The Rio Grande is easy to inflate with an I chamber made of a double insulated wall and with a padded thermal base. It has more strength and improved operating mechanisms than earlier models. It also has a durable liner and a six inch inflatable cover for more insulation. The inflatable hot tub spa pack has an integrated filter so all the equipment is in one place, outside the tub. The whole control unit can be detached for service and repair. There is a twelve-month warranty for this product.

What About Hot Tub Warranty and Service?

All quality hot tubs will come with a warranty and service manual. Companies such as the Canadian Spa Company have many years experience manufacturing and servicing hot tubs. They have well established after-sales support and help for each customer. The hot tubs from this company meet ISO 9001 standards and come with certification. The website will give delivery preparation and set up instructions.

How Do I Set Up a Hot Tub?

In general, the space where the spa will go needs to be solid, level, flat, and a little larger than the spa. Good bases are poured concrete or reinforced wood decking to support the weight of the spa and water. There must also be suitable drainage.

For plug and play hot tubs,there also needs to be adequate electricity from a dedicated RCD protected circuit. Plug and play units plug directly into a 13 Amp or 15 Amp socket.

Remember that the delivery people need enough space to get to the setup location. Once the tub is set up, fill it with cold water from a garden hose, then let the spa heater unit heat the water. The hot tub manual will tell each customer what chemicals to use and how often to change the water.

Plug and Play Hot Tub Comparison

The comparison table below shows some useful information on quality plug and play hot tub prices, reviews and main features:
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